An eBay Users Guide to Buying Parking Sensor Kits for Cars

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An eBay User's Guide to Buying Parking Sensor Kits for Cars

Parking sensor kits are in-car technology systems that help drivers to avoid collisions. By acting as an extra set of eyes, parking sensors warn drivers of obstacles that exist in a driver's blind spots. Although some luxury car models feature an installed parking sensor system, most drivers need to purchase aftermarket kits for their cars. For buyers who want a wide range of purchasing options, eBay is a great resource to find parking sensor kits with a variety of features and capacities. Buyers should do some research before shopping on eBay, so that they can make informed purchases once they see eBay's parking sensor kit selection.

Understanding parking sensor technology allows buyers to differentiate between sensor kits, which aids buyers when choosing kits that can provide an adequate amount of coverage around a car. Buyers should also consider a parking sensor kit's level of customisation, which can impact the benefits that the kit provides for individual users. Before shopping for parking sensor kits on eBay, it is advisable that buyers study parking sensor technology, types, components, and special features to ensure the most beneficial eBay shopping experience.

Parking Sensor Technology

To fulfill its intended purpose, a parking sensor kit applies a number of technological sensing capabilities to perform object detection. The most unique aspect of a parking sensor kit is a kit's sensors. These sensors utilise magnetic waves or radio waves, depending on the kit's manufacturer, to scan an area for unseen objects. As the waves are sent out from a sensor, the sensor monitors how far a wave must travel before it reflects off of an object of solid mass. If a sensor detects that a wave hits an object before the wave reaches a predetermined, distance-based threshold, the sensor activates an alarm.

When shopping on eBay, buyers can find parking sensor kits labelled as "ultrasonic" or "electromagnetic". Ultrasonic parking system models employ radio waves for object detection, while electromagnetic models use magnetic waves. eBay buyers who prefer extensive parking sensor coverage should purchase electromagnetic models because ultrasonic parking sensor kits have trouble detecting flat or small-scale objects.

Types of Parking Sensors

To match the demands of the marketplace, manufacturers have developed two basic types of parking sensor kits: connected and wireless. Each type of kit has both advantages and disadvantages of which buyers should be aware before shopping on eBay.

Parking Sensor Types


Connected parking sensors

Establish connections between sensors, alarms, and control units through wire connections

Wireless parking sensors

A more technologically advanced option; the sensors, alarms, and control units communicate using wireless technology

Connected parking sensor kits are typically cheaper than wireless kits, so connected kits can be a better option for eBay buyers who have a tight budget. Wireless parking sensor kits, on the other hand, eliminate the clutter that can be caused by the wires of a connected parking sensor kit. If convenience is a higher priority than cost, eBay buyers may prefer to purchase a wireless parking sensor kit.

Parking Sensor Kit Components

Although there are many different models of parking sensor kits available on eBay, all kits have a number of components in common. Knowing the names of components, and how they function, helps buyers to choose the best parking sensor kits when they are shopping. It is also beneficial to understand parking sensor components when buyers need to install the components into their vehicles.

Parking Sensor Controller Host

The controller host of a parking sensor kit is the main unit of the kit that connects the kit's components together. Some models of parking sensor kits also include controls on the controller host that permit drivers to customise the sound and sensitivity of the kit. Buyers shopping for parking sensor kits have the choice of purchasing kits that are powered by batteries, a hookup to a vehicle's cigarette lighter, or a combination of both types of power options. On eBay, power specifications for parking sensor kits are typically included in an eBay product listing under the heading "rated working voltage".

Parking Sensor Wires

If a parking sensor kit is not a wireless model, the kit includes a number of wires that connect the components of the kit together. Buyers who are shopping on eBay should take measurements of their vehicles before browsing potential eBay purchases to ensure that the parking sensor kit they purchase contains wires long enough to connect a kit's sensors to the controller host. Within the product listings of parking sensor kits on eBay, sellers include the length of a kit's wires in the specification description of the kit. In case buyers do not find a kit with wires that exactly match the length of wire that they require, they should opt to purchase kits with longer wires instead of shorter wires. Any slack that exists after the installation of a kit with longer wires can easily be managed by bundling the excess wire with plastic ties. Buyers should refrain from cutting the wires of a kit, however, because cutting the wires can render the kit inoperable.

Parking Sensor Kit Speakers

The speakers for parking sensors sound when a vehicle approaches an obstruction. To give drivers a sense of how close they are to an object, a parking sensor kit increases the volume and frequency of its alarm as a vehicle moves closer to an object. Buyers who want to have control over a parking sensor kit's alarm should look for kit models on eBay that feature volume adjustments. These adjustments often include options like changing the sound of an alarm, as well as controlling its volume.

Parking Sensors

An essential component in a parking sensor kit, parking sensors have the ability to scan areas outside of a vehicle to detect obstructions. Parking sensor kits can include four, six, eight, or ten sensors per kit. Parking sensor kits, which include four sensors, are sufficient for buyers who want to monitor the back of their vehicles, but buyers who prefer some sensor coverage for the sides of their vehicles should purchase kits with six or more sensors.

For buyers who aim to create a clean-looking integration of parking sensor kits onto their cars, buying parking sensor kits that are manufactured in the same colour as their car's exterior finish is essential. Fortunately for buyers, eBay carries a range of parking sensor kits that are manufactured in many popular car finish colours. Buyers who cannot find the perfect colour match for their vehicles can use spray paint to carefully change the appearance of their sensors. When using spray paint on a kit's sensors, buyers should be vigilant to protect a sensor from paint by only applying a thin layer. Too much spray paint can impair a sensor's ability to function properly.

Parking Sensor Kit Features

Manufacturers of parking sensor kits often outfit their kit models with a variety of useful features. Colour LED digital displays let drivers monitor a parking sensor kit's activity. Some parking sensor kits integrate a camera into their systems so that drivers can easily view the obstacles that cause a parking sensor to activate its alarm. Direction indicators permit drivers to see which sensor is activated, so that they can identify where an obstacle is located. For eBay buyers who have a hitch attached to the back of their vehicles, parking sensor kits utilising intelligent detection are a handy purchase. Intelligent detection allows buyers to calibrate their parking sensor kits to accommodate any protrusions at the back of a car, minimising the activation of false alarms. Because additional features add cost to a parking sensor kit, buyers should identify which features are indispensable before shopping on eBay. This practice helps buyers to purchase parking kits that meet the challenges of every driving condition, but stay within an eBay buyer's budget.

Buying Parking Sensor Kits on eBay

Once buyers have a solid understanding of what they require in a parking sensor kit, they can register on eBay to begin shopping for the most appropriate parking sensor kit models. To meet every buyer's demands, eBay carries parking sensor kits from a range of well-known manufacturers like Sony, Denver, Beat, Vibe, and Orion. To search for models on eBay, buyers can type in applicable keywords, like "wireless reverse parking sensors", to generate a focused list of search results. Buyers should pay close attention to the product details provided in eBay listings to guarantee a satisfactory purchasing transaction. To be certain that buyers can install and operate their parking sensor kits once the kits are purchased, buyers should check if an owner's manual is included in the kit's purchase. Additionally, buyers should look for assurances that all of the mounting hardware that is required for a kit is provided by an eBay seller as part of a sale.


Parking sensor kits help drivers to avoid accidents that are often caused by blind spots. To do this, parking sensor kits utilise modern electromagnetic or ultrasonic technology to detect unseen obstacles around a vehicle. Since there are a variety of parking sensor kits available on the market, buyers can take advantage of the quantity and quality of eBay offerings to find the perfect parking sensor model for a buyer's particular needs and budget. Before browsing eBay's selection, however, buyers should do some research into parking sensor kits so that they can discern the differences between parking sensor types.

Most parking sensor kits are composed of a number of different components, which buyers should be able to identify in order to make shopping for, and installing, the kits easier. The number of sensors included in a kit directly impacts the amount of coverage that a kit provides, so buyers should determine how much coverage they need before purchasing a parking sensor kit. Furthermore, manufacturers differentiate between models by added special features that can provide buyers with other benefits. These features increase the price of parking sensor kits, however, which may take some models of parking sensor kits out of the price range of cost-conscious buyers. Luckily, eBay provides buyers with a large selection of parking sensor kits at different price points, which increases the chance that buyers can find the kit that combines the right amount of features at an affordable price.

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