Andara Obsidian

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I understand the critism their is on Andara Obsidian however the info put out here is not true. Purple Lotus does not have the copyright to Andara. In fact the name was given by someone completely different a long time ago.

I work with Andara Obsidian or Crystal if you will, daily I will let people 'feel' the andara and the 'regular' glass pieces I have in a blind test. They all feel that the obsidian is soooooo different..... and much stronger.

Perhaps it it glass is material... I wouldn't know.... all I know is that I import it directly from Indonesia and find the qualities of the Andara extremely powerfull and very unlike regular glass.....

I wanted to share this to even out the balance of the information about it...

Follow your heart.. if you feel drawn to it: don't let yourself be stopped by any advice.... if you don't: then leave them be..

But if you feel connected I garantuee they will make your heart glow...


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