Android 2.1 HDMI out 7 PC Tablet with Remote & Camera

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This Tablet is one of the best in the range of Chinese Pc Tablets.  Several reviews by users and I.T. proffessional regard this a a good performing device.

The touch screen works well as oppose to some which have poor sensitivity areas on the screens particularly around corners of the screen.  The 2.1 android firmware works well.

The menu system is fairly logical, with some minor ilogical stuff, but you soon get use to it, as it is not an extensive menu system.  Some of the sub menus go down 4 levels.  If you have any serious problems with it a factory reset usually sorts it out; but ofcourse you do lose all your stuff.

Camers: the camera and movie device are facing the front next to the screen, it too works well.

Speakers: a good stereo speaker with reasonable level of sound, although in some models if the speaker is situated in the back of the device and you are using a case/wallet, the sound gets a little muffled.

Power: standby is several days , when using it on the net etc, the battery lasts at least 2 to 3 hours of continous use or longer.  Charge times are around 2/3 hours.

Kindel: also works well on the device

Skype: some issues at the moment, not sure if the problem is with skype or the device firmware.

G sensor:  works well with normal tasks on device, some games will not work properly the tilt will be the wrong way.

More will be added later
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