Android Tablets - Before buying, know this!

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Android tablets from China may not work with paid apps or many from Google Play  (app market)


If you buy one and find that you cannot download and install paid apps or many of the free apps/demos, it is because your Android tablet's "carrier" code is set as China Telecom ....

You have to delve into the system files and edit them to sort this out, and you will also need ato download an app to get in there to start with, and you risk "bricking" your 'Droid if you get that wrong  (turning it into a useless brick) So better safe than sorry, check first!

ASK the seller first before buying one of these. Vital if you want to use paid apps, or free apps like SKYPE,  and in the UK BBC's I-Player, ITV player) and many other country/region specific apps which will not work if google play (android market) think your tablet is a telephone that is in China.  

This can be fixed, but its too detailed to go into here. If you are fairly computer savvy search for android forums and the term china telecom fix. If you are buying one of these for a present, as I did, please be aware that unless the seller says it will work in your country with paid apps and skype etc, then it probably won't.

Note that even GPS enabled tablets wherever they are in the world carrying the china telecom carrier signal will still show up as "in china and on china telecom" as far as google-play/app market are concerned.

The good news - if you have not already bought your android pad - is some sellers here on ebay have already updated everything to the latest firmware for you, and installed and tested working skype with video that works. It is worth spending the small amount extra if you are going to want these features.

This is what you can have problems with: BBC Iplayer, Skype, SkyGo, many country-specific websites and apps (again, I-player etc), and if you are not in the US, you'll have to live with google dot com, not your local version.

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