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So many sellers? Here are some helpful tips

1. Looking at feedback can be very helpful before buying, because if more then a few have had a bad experience, odds are they will care less and less about your eBay experience, leaving you open to the same treatment.
2. How long will it take until you get your item? you don't want to wait for a month before your item arrives, check your buying from a UK supplier

3. Do they offer support? How easy is it to get hold of them, let's not play cat and mouse when it comes to your money. Try and get hold of them make sure support comes with the price you pay.

4. What did the seller sell before android devices? If the seller sold donuts, and is now trying to sell these devices, they will not give you the best service and are only selling because people are buying. To check this go to the feedback and look at the first pages of feedback.

5. Paying more then you need to because the seller has other hidden fees, and bills to cover. You should not need to pay extra finding a good seller that provides the same service for less is the best option.

6. Beware of seller saying come with everything and comes as a empty canvas, or offering the best experience and have no clue how things work.       
Cam 90 D&B TV Android tv box
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Cam 60 Android D&B TV Android TV box
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