Angel Essences ,Their purpose and use

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Angel Essences

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Throughout human history the Angels have traditionally been a source of help and inspiration, but now in this most exciting period in Earth's history the Angelic Realms are helping us and guiding us more than ever before.

This beautiful range of essences was originally made at the request of the Angels themselves who explained how the vibrational frequency of each chosen flower could help humanity. These beautiful light beings also added their own energies to those of the individual flowers during the making process.

The Angels work with their essence to transmute or change thought forms and consciousness. They are symbolic of the Angels within, which have not yet been awakened in you.

The description for each Angel essence is given on the individual listing. The particular Angel the essence relates to is given in the title, e.g Angel of Truth


The Angel essences can be used in two ways, if you feel in need of inspiration take four drops and call on the help of the Angel you require - repeat as necessary. Alternatively take four drops four times a day, again asking for the Angel to be activated with each dose, until you feel a shift in consciousness.

Preferable take away from food and straight from the bottle without further dilution.


It is best to store vibrational essences away from TV's, microwaves, computers etc in a cool place

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