Another Fakeocaster

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I bought a Fender Strat made in USA (large headstock, item number 180254751859) from user «jeliser», from Spain(?) a few weeks ago.

I have later found out that this guitar is a fake. The guitar was made up from rejected parts from Fender factory and/or made up from
different low cost guitar parts. The received guitar does not correspond at all to what the seller advertised.

First look, there are some pieces of yellow paper that fill a gap in between the neck and body.
Apparently the neck looks the only true part on the guitar althought it has some problems and cracks derived from
the incorrect hole markings and drilling.

The 4 neck holes are completely wrong and you can also find the correct holes drilled.
The size of the body neck pocket is bigger than the neck base width, and therefore, the gap was filled in by scraps of yellow paper.
The neck plate belongs to a completely different guitar model, with a craved serial number (VXXXXXX),
screwed to the body together with a piece of plastic.

The body countour has major diferences compared to a standard strat countour body, and
The tremolo holes screws reach the below cavity of the body. Body wood looks like Agathis or poplar.

Chrome Tremolo Bridge is like the one you can find in the cheap Squier models.

The guitar specs and color do not match any of the Fender 70's reissue or American Vintage'70s model.
The electronics are really junk, tiny pots, circuit board style switch with JV carved,
low cost/standard ceramic single coil pickups (probably from a very cheap squier)

I contacted the guy by phone (also fake phone) and email but got no response at all.

Just wanted to share this with you, so please be aware of what you buy.
Also beware of this «jeliser», he sells fake guitars,  Fakeocaster or whatever this junk is.

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