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I would agree whole heartily with the previous guide on real nappies. I only have the one child and brought about 20+ real nappies plus night time ones - I was addicted! I didn't use real nappies until she was 10 weeks old and then there was no stopping me.

Definate disadvantages with the clothes but I got around this with a daughter by buying 3/4 length jeans in the next size up. She still wearing a pair and she's been out of nappies for 18 months now!

I found my having a lot of nappies that I didn't have to wash them too often. Phewww I hear you saying but I can honestly say that the few times we did put her in disposables, they smelt far, far worse in the bin that any of my real nappies. I just put the used ones in a bucket with a lid. Dirty ones were rinsed down the loo so it was only wet ones that could have smelt anyway.

My opinion that Aplix ones are a pain as the velco sticks to everything else when they are washed, unless you wash inside out but the least amount of touching smelly nappies the better as far as I'm concerned! I used Tots Bots with Motherease wraps and I only ever had 1 bad leak. Disposables were always leaking.

I LOVED my real nappies and have hung on to the ones I have in the hope that I have another child. I can't bear to get rid! When I do, I know that I should be able to sell them for 40-50% of the original cost, so they have been worth it financially.

I really hope that this has persuaded a few ladies to give it a go - how I miss my 'fat pants' daughter!!! What a wiggle she had :-) She's now a gorgeous (nearly) 4 year old though!

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