Antique Date Periods & Style - Useful for Descriptions

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Please find detailed below the date of British Monarchs and the relating period and styles.

Date                   Monarch           Period                 Style

1558-1603         Elizabeth              Elizabethean         Gothic

1603-1625         James                  Jacobean             Gothic

1625-1649         Charles I              Carolean             Baroque

1649-1660        Commonwealth     Cromwellian        Baroque

1660-1685        Charles II             Restoration           Baroque

1685-1688        James II               Restoration           Baroque

1688-1694        William & Mary   William & Mary    Baroque

1694-1702        William III            William III            Rococo

1702-1714        Anne                    Queen Anne        Rococo

1714-1727       George I                Early Georgian     Rococo

1727-1760       George II              Early Georgian     Rococo

1760-1820       George III             Late Georgian      to 1811 

                        George III             Regency              Empire

1820-1830       George IV            Regency               Regency

1830-1837      William IV             William IV            Eclectric

1837-1901      Victoria                 Victorian              Victoriana

1901-1910      Edward VII           Edwardian            Art Noveau

1910-1939      Art Deco Period   




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