Antique Rocking Chair Buying Guide

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Antique Rocking Chair Buying Guide

Antique rocking chairs give elegant style and relaxing, comfortable function to various areas throughout the room. From simple styles designed for front porches, to elaborate, decorative styles created to show off craftsmanship, antique chairs complement any aesthetic approach. Choosing the ideal antique rocking chair ensures lasting durability and appeal.


Antique Style

Rocking chairs originated in the American colonies, making early American rocking chairs some of the most desirable. The earliest rocking chairs featured rockers that stretched a considered distance both forward and back. In fact, many such chairs were created by simply attaching curved rockers directly to an existing antique wooden chair. Chairs crafted specifically to be rocking chairs are more valuable to collectors just as they were to consumers when first built. Styles of antique rocking chairs vary widely depending on its era and location. Danish rocking chairs, for example, tend to be very simple.


Material and Condition

With antique rocking chairs, the material and use can play a role in condition. Pine rocking chairs, for example, are more likely to have damage, such as scratches, dents, and scuffs, than sturdier oak rocking chairs are. Additionally, old rocking chairs designed for outdoor use tend to show signs of weathering and extensive use. Likewise, rocking chairs used primarily for display purposes, such as in a parlor or other formal room, may have less damage. Many collectors see signs of damage, such as scratches and discoloration, as desirable indications of history and authenticity. However, major issues, including broken rails, cracks in the seat, or rockers that cannot be used, reduce usability and greatly diminish value.


Nursing Rocking Chairs

For many, the most iconic image related to rocking chairs was that of a new mother gently rocking her baby to sleep. It was common for people to think the chairs were designed specifically for women, children, and the elderly or invalid. Though this changed, nursing rocking chairs remained popular features in nearly all nurseries. Nursery rocking chairs are ideal for creating a comfortable, peaceful place or new mother and baby to relax, nurse, and bond. In this application, upholstered rocking chairs provide additional comfort and support.


Child Rocking Chairs

When a child outgrows the nursery, the soothing, comforting effect of rocking does not go away. A child's rocking chair is the perfect way to continue providing this benefit to children in a size that allows them to get in and out of their chair independently. These chairs were common during the time rocking chairs were created as a means for a child to soothe themself. Miniaturised versions of all styles exist, from the simplest wooden children's rocking chair to tiny emulations of elaborate adult chairs.

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