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Feel I have to write something about this here...As now its twice its happened to me..

PLEASE...If u buy something (ANYTHING) from me & you feel its not right,or not how u expected,or not as described u feel,infact WHATEVER problem u have...then...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just email me before u write feedback...I HATE that...I mean HOW can I help anyone after..I try very hard to EVERYONE who buys from me..I try because if anyone pays money to me for something then I do all to make that person feel it was worth it & would buy from me again...otherwise WHATS THE POINT..& will ALLWAYS refund or exchange if possible if your problem is correct & justified to get this...IM NOT HERE TO RIP PEOPLE OFF OR CON ANYONE...I like getting positive feedback from happy people,as I feel Ive done a good job & they will buy from me again...& with over 500 deals thats 99.9% how it goes..but like I said,twice now someone has left feedback,1 neg,& now 1 neutral,WITHOUT even speaking to me 1st...I hope if people do read these things I get friendly people(like me lol) from here on who contact me for what ever reason....

So...PLEASE...speak to me ok...I AM here to try & help....HONEST.!!!!.




UPDATE....only once ive been caught now,as ive sorted the problem customer had,it was my mistake by looks(I missed a chip to a die cast car),but after he left neutral feedback before speaking to me,which he did without realising,has now changed his feedback as lucky enough item was 1 out of 2,so I had the extra 1 to cover this,...but goes to show..If u email me to say u have problem I WILL try to help...

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