Apple Ipad How to bag a bargain on Ebay.

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Ways to save a few pounds off the cost of an ipad.

Avoid apple store store accessories such as the screen cover around £15 in the store and £2 on ebay.

Check out amazon for accessories.

Blue tooth keyboards are also cheap on ebay.

Jail breaking is getting really easy use youtube for how toos and then get lots of free user created software.

Once jail broken create a mini mi-fi and use your free mobile data plan to the max.

Get a usb connector on ebay

Use a fee vnc to bring any home desktop using win7, linux or OS X to really power up your ipad.

Always get the free version of any app first. Apple's Pages,Keynote and Numbers are absolute winners. Buying the cheaper stuff is a waste of money.

Make shortcuts to web services rather than buying the app. Get the full functionality without the expense.

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