Apple iPhone - Not Quite Ripe Yet

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Shrouded in mystery and speculation for months before its release the iPhone certainly had maximum exposure when it was launched. Heralded as the best 'Smartphone' on the market, Apple certainly spent alot of time on it and it is truly a great phone. But just like when you meet an absolutely stunning women in a bar,  but who later turns out to be amazingly dull, the Apple iPhone isn't quite the full ticket...quite yet. Let me explain why...
The user interface is amazing. It is perfect. It follow your finger movements perfectly and is an ingenious way of navigating the menus. It works perfectly. The way you can just 'flick' up and down menus and lists of contacts and songs is great, and so easy to use.

It looks great for a start aswell. Its matt black front when its not being used along with its chrome finish rear makes it look sharp and sophisticated.

The wi-fi is really fast whether its at home or using 'The Cloud' out and about - the web browser is the best you will EVER use on a mobile phone. Java, Audio and Images all work swiftly and effectively.

EDGE - NOT as bad as was rumoured. Yes, not QUITE as fast as 3G, but theres no real noticable difference, so ignore that negative comment from a few.

I can honestly say this is a perfect phone...but heres why the Apple isnt quite ripe...

1. You CANNOT send or receive MMS!! You can send pics by email but not MMS! From a phone this advanced and feature packed, Apple made a big mistake missing this off.

2. You CANNOT send a SMS to Multiple recipients at one time ie.Group Text. Nor can sent ones be forwarded!

I'm sure these 2 major exclusions will be fixed via Apples updates, but for £269 - which is a huge amount of money to spend on a phone (Dell doing a Laptop at £299!) - Its worth waiting.

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