Apple ipod's - 3rd Generation nano.. or no-no...

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When purchasing an apple ipod, particularly the nano variety, you should look out for copies which seem to be flooding the market! There would appear to be a number of ipod lookalikes being sold as actual ipod's but closer inspection would reveal they are cheap fakes. It pays to do a little research before your purchase and make sure there are plenty of photo's of the item both off and switched on. A tell-tale sign of one being a copy is the UI (User Interface) and quality of the display itself, for example familiarise yourself with what the ipod screens and UI looks like prior to hunting out a bargain. I myself was looking at what i thought was an ipod nano the other day and it turned out to be a fake as a) the screen quality was jilted and pixelated (not the smooth rounded graphics and text that appears on the ipod). b) the menu screens were completely non-apple, and finally c) the packaging (which i can only imagine they accidently got in the photo) which had "mp3 / mp4" player as it's "brand" and was nothing like the apple ipod packaging. This could have proven costly as this item was at genuine item's price with multiple bidders, who may have been potentially unaware of this. I hope this has been of use to anyone reading this. It certainly saved me a pocketful of cash. Here's a comparison of both real and copy-cat:


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