Applying Car Vinyl Graphics

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Applying car / wall  graphics can be a tricky job but by following our simple guide you can make life a lot easier. Firstly when buying your vinyl graphic make sure you are purchasing high quality vinyl as you want it to look good and stay looking good for years to come. There are many cheap imported vinyls from China that simply wont stand the test of time. The key to a professional finish is good preparation and take your time. Its going to be there a long time so extra time spent on the application is time well spent.

Temperature range for application is between 10 and 32 Celsius, 21 Celsius being the optimum. The hotter it is the more stretchy the material becomes and the glue is very tacky. At lower temperatures the material becomes less pliable and the glue less tacky. If you can always apply the graphic indoors in a controlled environment.

The technique of applying a graphic applies to just about any surface, a car, wall or a signboard.

You will need suitable cleaning fluids, a tape measure, masking tape, a sharp knife and an application squeegee.

1. Clean the surface

Ensure the surface is clean. Use a suitable detergent to ensure the surface is free from grime and grease, otherwise the glue will stick to the dirt and result in failure later on. You can clean the area with methylated spirits but check on a small area of paintwork first.

2. Measure and position

Measure the graphic and position it where you want it holding it in place with masking tape. Adjust the position until you are happy with it. Avoid the temptation to just "slap it on by eye" . Remember you only have one shot to get right once you take the backing paper off.

3. Remove the backing sheet and apply

Stick one edge down with masking tape so you form a hinge and start to slowly peel away the backing sheet whilst holding the graphic away from the surface. Start with about 6ins then slowly start to apply the graphic, using a squeegee gently pushing the air bubbles out as you go. Keep the tension maintained on the graphic, if its a large graphic get the assistance of a friend as more than one pair of hands will help.

4 Application paper removal.

After smoothing down the graphic the next step is to remove the low tack application paper. The best way to do this is to peel it away at 180deg angle to avoid lifting the graphic. Once the paper is removed go back over the graphic carefully with a squeegee to remove any lifting and/or bubbles.

5 And Finally

Just check over the graphic looking for air bubbles if you find any it you can prick it with a pin and expell out any air by pushing down with your finger

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