Archos 80 Vs. Archos 101 Turbo ICS

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Tablet computing devices can be a daunting shopping decision, after factoring in all the features to compare. The 80 and 101 Turbo ICS are both solid performers for commuters and techies alike. The 80 stands out with its portable weight, while the 101 Turbo ICS attracts attention with its fast processor speed and is the one for gaming.
Archos 80 Archos 101 Turbo ICS
Features Archos 80 Archos 101 Turbo ICS
Height 15.5 cm (6.11") 16.7 cm (6.59");16.7 cm (6.57")
Processor Speed 1 GHz 1.5 GHz;1 GHz
Weight 0.465 Kg (1 lb.) 0.755 Kg (1.7 lb.);0.65 Kg (1.43 lb.);0.649 Kg (1.4 lb.)
MPN 501897 502057;502052;502047
Battery Run Time Up to 10 hours Up to 10 hours
Exterior Color Black Black
Processor Manufacturer ARM ARM
Front Digital Camera Resolution 1.3 megapixel Not Specified
Family Line G9 G9
Width 22.6 cm (8.9") 27.6 cm (10.87");27.6 cm (10.86")
Touch Screen Technology Multi-Touch Multi-Touch
Carrier Not Applicable Not Applicable
Display Size 8in (20.32 cm) 10.1in (25.65 cm)
Processor Type Cortex A9 Cortex A9
Battery Technology Lithium polymer Lithium polymer
Depth 1.17 cm (0.46") 1.3 cm (0.51");1.26 cm (0.5")
Display Max Resolution 1024 x 768 1280 x 800
Installed RAM Not Specified 1GB
Display Tech Not Specified XGA TFT Active Matrix With Touchscreen;TFT Active Matrix With Touchscreen

Archos 80

The 80 has a 1 GHz processor speed, so you can play demanding intensive video game titles. Plus, the 80's 250 GB storage capacity helps you hold onto your favourite games and albums. See a spacious viewing area thanks to its 8-inch screen size. What's more, it features a 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolution, so you can benefit from crisp text and graphics.

Archos 101 Turbo ICS

The 101 Turbo ICS has a 1.5 GHz processor speed, allowing you to enjoy responsive high-performance gaming. Beyond that, its 10.1-inch screen size enables you to take pleasure in wide format images. Look at sharp images thanks to its 1280 x 800 pixel screen resolution.

Comparing the Archos 80 Vs Archos 101 Turbo ICS

Overall, the 101 Turbo ICS has the upper hand and is a good choice for reading text and gaming. The 101 Turbo ICS has a faster processor speed, allowing you to play games with faster responsiveness. Plus, you can benefit from a larger viewing area thanks to its 26% larger screen size. Furthermore, the 101 Turbo ICS's higher screen resolution helps you enjoy more precise text and graphics. In contrast, the 80 has a 41% lighter weight, so you can use it in many places with greater ease. Furthermore, the 80 does well with an ample storage capacity.

Buying On eBay

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