Are You Buying Expired Cosmetics?

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Expired Cosmetics and Desserts Treats Are you Risking Your Health and Your Pocket Book? 

By: Spoil-Myself-Today


Did you know that for several years now Jessica Simpson's Dessert Treats have been discontinued and are no longer being made by the factories in the USA? Did you also know that all the stock that you see on eBay is probably expired, or has been sitting in a warehouse in LA, or in someone's basement or garage for over a year now?

When you buy an expired Dessert Treat you will notice one thing, a thick grungy yellow coating around the outside of the lip-gloss, the flavor will taste like wax, and the gloss will pretty much be rubbish. The other items just won't smell as nice and will not be worth your money.

Dessert Treats were a great product but they are no longer something that I would put my money into simply because I know that nothing that you would buy would  be fresh, or recently manufactured.

The reason for the discontinuation of Dessert Beauty and Dessert Treats is that the makers of her products got into a large lawsuit with Dessert Beauty Inc. stating that they were not "paid" as promised for the products produced. Dessert Beauty Inc. response to that was they refused to pay for some of the products that were not within their requested standards.

Because her entire collection is edible, you will not find her fragrances strong and long lasting. They are meant to be safe if consumed and do not contain the required ingredients that make fragrances last. They do go on strong when first applied, but will fade after a short time and just simply needs re-application.
Things To Look Out For With Dessert Treats:
Most Dessert Treats/Beauty have the Expiration Dates CLEARLY PRINTED ON THEM!
Did you know that ALL Dessert Treats are edible?
  • When you buy the mini plumping glosses, WATCH OUT. These ones tend to be sold after their expiration date has passed. Be sure to ask the seller to look for the expiration date. If you receive them and they are expired, they will have a yellowish tinge at the top of the tube, and they don't smell nearly as sweet. Every one that I have received has been no good.
  • Did you know that the Whipped Cream  products that "always" have exp. dates on them. make sure you ask the seller who is selling the items what the expiration date is!
  • Expired make up is bad for you skin! And since Dessert Treats and Dessert Beauty are meant to be edible then eating something expired is not recommended! Common sense indicates that you should not buy expired items, or eat them!

Dessert Treats Lip gloss:

Look for the Expiration date on the box, I think that it's on the side or the bottom of the mini lip gloss.

Did you know that these glosses are not sealed? They are sold is packs of 6 wrapped in plastic wrap. If you get one that is not sealed, then it was probably opened or tested in someway. The safest way to buy lip gloss is to make sure that it's professionally sealed by the manufacturer.

  • Smell the gloss if the gloss has NO SUGARY smell of they type that you bought i.e, cotton candy, bubble gum, lollipop, creamsicle, butterscotch toffee, or banana split then  return it the lip gloss is OLD!! If the smell is faint it's still no good! Dessert Treats SMELL VERY STRONG!
  • Taste the gloss it should taste like the flavor you bought they do not have a bad taste! If you suspect that the gloss you purchased is expired it will taste nasty and will not have a nice sent to it!
  • Look at the seal on the gloss! Be very aware that they have probably been tested or used! Even the ones that are sealed (the larger lip glosses) are going off.
  • If the lip gloss that you have purchased has a yellow rim around the top it's OLD! Don't use it send it  back to the seller!!! ]


Some sellers will tell you that dessert treats DON'T EXPIRE but it's not true! All of her products DO EXPIRE! Cosmetics are regulated by the FDA and other government bodies around the world so if you suspect that you are receiving old and expired goods let people know!

Risks of Using Expired Cosmetics:

Pink Eye or Also Know as Red Eye this can be caused from old, expired or from sharing makeup. If you get this throw away ALL your old makeup and buy new! If you reuse your old makeup you are risking reinfecting yourself.

  • Skin conditions
  • Rashes
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Product does not last as long
  • Product tastes funny
  • Product especially lipstick has a wax taste and peel off
  • Eyeshadow could cause eye problems.
  • Mascara could cause eye problems and harbor bacteria.

All make up harbors bacteria, if you purchase  a Dessert Treats Mini Lip gloss which are not factory sealed and the seller decides to take a peak at the flavor and the sent of this product simply opening the gloss and exposing it to the air is introducing bacteria into the lip gloss. The seller could also have a cold sore, or a viral illness at the time and if the lip gloss is then kept in a warm environment say a kitchen,office, or on a radiator the bacteria then start to multiply. Once the lip gloss is shipped to you from this seller and it's applied to you lips you could get sick from this lip gloss.  You could come down with a cold sore, bacterial, or viral illness from this simple lip gloss.

Life Of Most Popular Cosmetics:

  • Liquid Foundation, 3-6 months (Cream foundation can last 4-6 months)
  • Foundation in a bottle should last 3-6 months, but wide mouthed jars can expose the product to more air and should be tossed sooner. You'll know it's time to purchase a new bottle, when the ingredients begin to settle or separate, the texture thickens or thins, or the smell changes.
  • Concealer, 6-8 months
  • Powders, 1 year
  • Pressed powder, eye-shadows, blush
  • Mascara, 3 months -You should never keep mascara for any longer than 3 months (air pushes bacteria back into the tube). Never "pump" your mascara.
  • Lip gloss & Lipstick, 1 year
  • Eye/Lip Pencils, 1 year Eye and lip pencils should last 1 year or more, but you should sharpen pencils at least once a week to prevent bacteria from being transferred to your eye area. You'll know the product has gone bad if it dries or crumbles.

If in doubt don't buy from the seller you are considering! Never buy USED makeup off eBay, and never share makeup with anyone!

When in a shop don't use testers on your face try it on the back of your hand instead! However I think that it's better to buy the product than to test it in the shops at least you are guaranteed a safe and clean product!

If you think that you have purchased a bad product:

  • 1-Write the Seller
  • 2-If the seller refuses a refund, or a exchange report them to PayPal or eBay or both.
  • 3-If still no joy contact the trademark through eBay's help pages try VERO program and then name the product or brand and state exactally  what you bought and what happened. Most trademarks don't want their brand being destroyed so if a seller is selling a fake cosmetic, used, or expired then most would like to know. If you read the VERO pages on eBay you will see that most trademarks DON'T even want their products sold on eBay so that tells you quite a bit!
  • 4-Contact the FDA or similar body.
  • 5-Finally leave a negative feedback if the seller refuses all of the above it may not make you happy. You may get a negative in return but at least you tried, and that all  that matters.  
  • 6-Don't buy from the seller again.

Small List of SOME Cosmetic Brands that the VERO DOES NOT WANT BEING SOLD ON EBAY

  • Mary Kay-this should only be purchased from an authorized seller/rep.
  • Merle Norman Cosmetics LTD. does not approve, authorize, sponsor or endorse the sale of MERLE NORMAN® products, or the use of any of our intellectual property, on eBay or any eBay auction. Only products purchased directly from MERLE NORMAN® Cosmetic Studios are covered by our Satisfaction Guaranteed policy and our Customer Return policy.
  • Urban Decay & Hard Candy-No one is allowed to sell copyrighted, trademarked or trade dress infringing items without a license from the manufacturer. While we make efforts to police the marketplace, some infringing items may be missed. You are not being singled out. All manufacturers and sellers of infringing items that Urban Decay or Hard Candy Cosmetics is aware of or becomes aware of are put on notice of Urban Decay or Hard Candy Cosmetics’ intellectual property rights and pursued if they do not stop infringing.

Remember this is only a very small list! If you want to read more on health and beauty through the trademark pages click here.


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