Are You Using the Right Mascara?

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Are You Using the Right Mascara?

Used to make lashes appear fuller, thicker, longer, more defined, and even different colours, mascara is a staple of women's makeup. Mascara lifts and separates the lashes, making the eyes appear brighter and more noticeable. There are many different types of mascara, each designed to have a different on the wearer's eyelashes. With so much variety, it is important for the shopper to know what kind of mascara she needs to achieve the look she wants. Moreover, knowing how to apply the mascara is just as important as owning the right kind. Improperly applied, mascara cannot carry out its intended purpose; it can detract from rather than enhance one's appearance.

Because cosmetics can be expensive, many shoppers turn to eBay to buy her makeup products. On eBay, the user can find her favourite brand of mascara for a reasonable price; additionally, many find shopping online more convenient than going to a store and purchasing a product. By knowing the different types of mascara, how to apply it, and where to buy it, the shopper will know exactly which mascara is right for her.

Types of Mascara

For every flaw that is possible with an eyelash, there is a mascara available to fix it. From lengthening to thickening to curling, one can find a mascara for every occasion. In order to select the mascara best for her unique eyelashes, it is important for shoppers to understand the different types of mascara.


Mascara that aims to lengthen lashes typically has a brush with dense, long bristles that allow the wearer to apply more mascara to the tips of the lashes, which increases eyelash length. This mascara is ideal for those with short eyelashes who wish to make them appear longer. Defining mascara works to not only lengthen one's lashes, but define each on individually as well.


Thickening mascara adds bulk to one's eyelashes, and is the ideal choice for those with scant eyelashes. Thickening mascara contains a formula filled with more waxes and silicone than is present in regular mascaras; the thicker formula coats lashes to make them broader and more noticeable. The mascara brush for a thickening mascara has thick bristles to insure that a heavy coat of mascara is applied to each eyelash.


For the wearer who wants to have nice-looking lashes but anticipates getting wet (on a rainy day or on a trip to the beach, for example), waterproof mascara comes in handy. Waterproof mascaras have special synthetic formulas that repel moisture and prevent smudging. However, the same formula that keeps the mascara on cleanly also makes lashes fragile and easy to break, so it is recommended that the user either rub petroleum jelly on her lashes afterwards or use a moisturising eye makeup remover.


Many makeup users use an eyelash-curling tool before or after applying mascara to lift eyelashes, give them better definition and accentuate their eyes. For one who wants the look without going to the trouble of using a tool to curl her eyelashes, curling mascara is the ideal makeup item. This mascara lifts and separates lashes while coating them so they appear thick and dark. High-impact curling mascara can also be used as a volumising mascara.


If the wearer has a makeup allergy or sensitive eyes, then hypoallergenic mascara might be the best option. 'Hypoallergenic' means that the makeup does not contain any common allergens, and therefore is less likely to cause a reaction in people who have allergies or sensitivities. However, there is no one chemical definition of hypoallergenic, so one hypoallergenic mascara will most likely contain different ingredients than another's company's hypoallergenic mascara. Thus, the safest bet is to buy the mascara that has the fewest number of ingredients: the fewer the ingredients, the less chance that the mascara contains allergens. Additionally, one should remember that, to keep the mascara hypoallergenic, one should not leave the tube open for long periods of time and should replace the mascara frequently.


Liquid mascara is, as the name implies, liquid. Useful for accentuating the appearance of the eyelashes, it is available in a wide variety of colours, from black to green to blue to purple. Most people who opt for liquid mascara have light-coloured or thin eyelashes and wish to enhance the quality of their lashes. Hypoallergenic and waterproof liquid mascaras are available. To remove liquid mascara requires a special eye makeup remover, which is different from typical makeup removers in that its formula targets the heavy binding agents that the liquid mascara contains.


Semi-permanent mascara is a product that is applied once and, for the duration of several weeks acts as a regular mascara: thickening, lengthening, and separating eyelashes. The appeal of semi-permanent mascara is that, unlike regular mascara, it does not need to be applied daily, only once every several weeks; moreover, it does not flake off, even with exposure to water. While it is not a dye, the manufacturers of semi-permanent mascara allow only licensed cosmetologists or other beauty professionals to apply it to consumers.

How to Apply Mascara

When applying mascara, the user should start with her bottom eyelashes, then move up to her top lashes. To apply, wiggle the brush over the bottom lashes, starting near the waterline and following the lashes down towards the cheek. The bottom lashes do not require much mascara unless one wants a dramatic look.

To do the top lashes, one is advised to roll some mascara on top of the brush from the bottle, then, starting at the base of the top lashes, nearest the waterline, move the brush up through the lashes in a quick, zig-zag movement, all the way to the tip of the lashes. This method of mascara prevents the product from clumping while defining every lash. The final step is to close one eye and pull the mascara wand through the top of the lashes, from root to tip, just in case any clumps are present in the lashes.

Extra Tips

When applying more than one coat of mascara, one is advised to switch eyes between coats so that the eyes each get an even amount of mascara. For example, put one coat of mascara on the right eye, then do the left, then go back to the right, and so on. Some users wish to use a primer before applying mascara; primers coat and separate lashes so the mascara can do its job better.

Matching Mascara to Complexion

While there aren't any hard and fast 'rules' as to what complexion needs what colour mascara, there are, as with any cosmetic product, some colours that work better with certain complexions. Essentially, warm colours such as brown and red work best with olive-toned complexions, while cool colours such as blue and light green work best with rosy, lighter complexions. Two options for people with blue eyes are light blue or dark blue mascara: former brightens up darker blue eyes, and the latter gives depth to lighter blue eyes. For those with green or hazel eyes, any mascara works well. Purple mascara is ideal for green or hazel eyes; especially when paired with red or auburn hair, purple mascara really makes eyes pop. Burgundy or purple mascara complement any shade of brown. Finally, brown mascara is ideal for a subtle look with any eye colour.

How to Buy Mascara on eBay

While finding a certain type or brand of mascara at brick and mortar stores can be time-consuming, not to mention expensive, purchasing mascara on eBay often saves both time and money. eBay has thousands of sellers offering millions of products for sale, and with the easy PayPal system, you can find and purchase items easily. PayPal lets shoppers make payments instantly, thus allowing the buyers receive their items quickly and sellers get payments. With PayPal, all major forms are accepted; purchases are protected without any extra cost and no financial details are shared between the seller and the buyer. For further peace of mind, eBay has a system by which trustworthy sellers receive a 'Top-Rated Seller' badge that is visible on the seller's page as well as on the pages of the products that the seller is putting up for sale.

To start buying on eBay, you must first go to the eBay home page. Next, type in some keywords to find the product you are looking for, like 'waterproof mascara' or 'black thickening mascara'. From there, you can narrow down your search by looking for a certain brand or price.


With mascara a vital part of the average girl's makeup routine, it is important to have the type of that best suits one's complexion and eyelash needs. Whether one wants thickening, lengthening, or waterproofing qualities, basic knowledge of the different types of mascara and how they improve and enhance one's eyelashes is a big step in knowing whether or not one is using the right type of mascara. With so many different kinds available, it is advisable that the user try out a few different kinds to find the mascara that suits not only her face but her personality as well: for example, the shopper may discover that blue defining mascara accentuates her eyes and expresses her love of the colour blue.

While makeup is readily available in beauty stores, department stores, even convenience stores, finding one's preferred brand, colour, or type at these stores can be a challenge. For this reason and many more, eBay is an invaluable resource. The eBay shopper can buy her favourite and ideally suited mascara from the comfort of her own home. With the correct knowledge of mascara and a convenient place to purchase it, one can easily find and purchase the ideal mascara.

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