Are your items Hallmarked?

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Are your items hallmarked? Is one of the most common questions I get asked, I hope this short guide enlightens you, as, it is clear from many of the listings I see on Ebay and elsewhere that even sellers are using the term hallmarked wrongly , giving buyers a false sense of security believing that items described incorrectly as hallmarked are in fact genuine.

The simple answer to the question, is the charm hallmarked? Is often no. The more technical answer is that non of my silver charms require hallmarking, under British hallmarking regulations any silver item weighing less than 7.78grams does not require hallmarking. My items are either stamped 'silver' or '925' which is all that is required. A lot of people confuse these marks with hallmarks, a hallmark can only be applied by an assay office after the item has been tested for purity, whereas the silver or 925 stamps can be applied by anyone. This makes it particularily important to buy silver items from reputable manufacturers to be sure you are getting what you pay for.


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