Argos- Woolworths Catalogue Return Pallets

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Have a look through ebay,you will find thousands of sellers offering return goods pallets from Argos,Woolworths etc at very low prices.Chances are the price of a return pallet will seem to good to be true,and we can guarantee it will be too good to be true.Many sellers on ebay buy return pallets in bulk,all the items on these pallets will be checked,the good working items will be sold off individually and the pallet will then be made up of fully broken items,damaged items and small value working items which you wont get much for.

These working items are placed on return pallets to make it look like the pallet has never been touched,and the chances are any working item will be a rubbish item like a blow up bed or a £5 kettle !

Beware any pallet stated as being mixed and from Argos,Argos dont mix their pallets,they fall into 2 groupings,electrical and hardware.Hardware will consist of garden items,clothes airers,and some garden electrical items like strimmers,lawnmowers,shredders,hedge trimmers etc.

Argos electrical pallets mainly consist of kitchen electrical items like kettles,toasters,deep fat fryers etc.Any pallet claiming to be a certain type e.g toys,lighting will not have been made up by the companies supplying these return items.

Another way of fleecing you of your money is when the RRP selling price is stated,beware kettles by Russell Hobbs for example,RRP is £49.99,well it might be,but Argos etc may only sell it at £29.99,and during a sale it may be £9.99,now if you buy it as a return at 20% you will be paying £10 for it,and it may not work,and you have no chance of selling it when the store in question is selling brand new at the same price you paid for a returned one !

Usually,the word "untested" on ebay means broken,had it,faulty,it very rarely means it may work.Raw returns are meant to be untouched return pallets,well consider this,if you buy a pallet for £400,and it has a Philips 42" LCD tv on it,you know you can get more for the tv than what you paid for the entire pallet,are you really going to just sell that pallet on without trying it-DONT THINK SO !

Woolworths pallets only contain items that they sell at £49.99 or less,if a pallet has an expensive item on it then its not a straight return pallet,besides which Woolworths pallets contain items you will get next to nothing for e.g. disco balls and small vacuums you can never get parts for.

Ignore all auctions offering to sell informationabout where to get these pallets,use your head and do searches on the net and you will find these places without having to buy information that already comes free-these places want you to buy pallets from them,they wont charge you for getting in touch !

Ask the seller for a list of what the pallet contains,all these pallets do come itemised,if they cant give you a list,then avoid and look elsewhere.


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