Art Buyers Often Overlook Condition

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Art Buyers Often Overlook Condition
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by  Joseph K. Levene        
The Same Ellsworth Kelly Screenprint is Not Always The Same 
The Same Ellsworth Kelly Screenprint Is Not The Same
Ellsworth Kelly Red/Blue Color Screenprint: 2 Examples   
Why The Same Ellsworth Kelly Screenprint Is Not Always The Same?
Buyers often make the wrong decision when comparing Fine Art prices from different Sellers, especially when the higher priced Work of Art reflects differences in condition. Artwork in superior condition is always more valuable than Art that is torn, repaired, faded, erased, reduced in size, or worse, counterfeit.

Each impression was originally included in the Ten Works by Ten Painters Portfolio, published by the Wadsworth Atheneum. On the left, an impression Sotheby's NY sold for $64,000 in 2007; described as being in good condition.   On the right, a Pristine impression of the Ellsworth Kelly Red/Blue Screenprint available from Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd., for less than $10,000, which is not only less expensive, but considerably more desirable as the impression has been archival stored since it was originally published.

Many Buyers try to save money and only buy Art with the lowest price, but end up unknowingly purchasing compromised Art. Sometimes Buyers are mistakenly told a Work of Art is "Perfect" when the contrary is true. 
The truth is there is no savings as the Work is just not worth buying at all and the Seller description was purposely deceptive.

Quality Art Always Appreciates Faster. Many Sellers do not disclose condition, forcing Buyers to guess. Importantly, when the condition of a Work of Art is omitted, never assume the Art is satisfactory. Always protect yourself and ask the Seller. You should never assume that the answer you get is accurate, as many Sellers over promise.

Important Issues For Anyone Who Buys Art Online Or Off:
Some Sellers, Auction Houses, Galleries and Online Auctions will claim a Work of Art that is offered for sale is problem free, even when the photographs of the respective Lot show otherwise.
  • Many Internet Art Sellers, Galleries and Auction House personnel do not properly evaluate the condition of the Art they are offering.
  • Many Sellers are not knowledgeable, including Art Galleries, Auction Houses, Online Auctions, etc.
  • Other Sellers of Art are purposely deceptive because they realize the truth will kill the potential sale.
  • Some Art Sellers are purposely misleading so as to take advantage of the unsuspecting Art Buyer. 
  • Many Art Sellers prefer not including an objective/accurate condition statement since that information will only discourage the Buyer.
Other Art Sellers do not document the condition issue on their Invoice, because it may provide future liability evidence. Lately we are noticing a pattern of meaningless "condition" statements from online auction Sellers who routinely state "no damage to the Lot", when the Photographs clearly show otherwise.

Famous Name Auction Houses Are Often Inaccurate Regarding Condition. Never assume a famous Auction Name is also a guarantee of condition. Just because the Art is being sold by a "famous" Auction House, that does not mean the condition reported is accurate.

Remember, all condition statements provided by auction houses are merely "opinions" that will not hold up after you have purchased the Lot. Most auction will caution prospective buyers they are not able to provide condition evaluations. To be certain, you must either inspect the Lot yourself if you are knowledgeable, or hire an expert on your behalf.

Only Buy Fine Art from Reputable and Professional Fine Art Dealers.  Working with a Professional Art Dealer will pay off in the long-run. Many Art Dealers are not professional, and some have never even seen the Work of Art they are selling now, or even have the requisite connoisseurship to know if the Work of Art is at all compromised. 

Don't Assume All Art Dealers Are Professional.
If You Need A Doctor, You Would Never Call A Plumber. There is a difference between an Amateur and a Professional Fine Art Dealer, unless you like throwing money down the drain.


All Fine Art sold on eBay by Joseph K Levene Fine Art Ltd is GUARANTEED for Authenticity.

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All Fine Art offered & sold by Joseph K Levene Fine Art Ltd is GUARANTEED for Authenticity.

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