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Yep I know, a silly title, but creating and your own specialist ebooks is easier today than it used to be. You basically have to think out of the box and try and think of topics that are interesting to your potential clients and convert your thoughts and ideas to writing. Once you've done this you should be able to promote your ebooks online to start making some decent money. It really is that easy! On the other hand, if you'd like to create a lasting mark on this field, you must know how to make some serious noise over the net. Follow these secret back door tactics and you'll be well on the way to creating the next masterpiece designed to help you advance with ebook writing:

1.    Keyword research and analysis are probably the most under used strategies. To find out which are the hottest topics online today, you'll need to first identify the search terms that are being used by your target market when they go online and make a search. There are several free and paid for keyword research tools out there. Even the free google tool is very effective. Simply type in "free keyowrd" into Google and it should come up no.1 in the search results.l. Jot down as many popular topics within your chosen niche and determine their competitiveness online. One of the ways of doing this is to find out how many advertisers are advertising in the top half and right hand side of the google results. If there's more than 5 advertisers you're on to a profitable a popular niche.

2.    You'll want to use strong ebook titles that can easily grab the attention of people online. Your title is the single most important elememt of your ebook. (Just take a look at my silly title). Please note, your ebook title must be attention-grabbing, interesting, thought-provoking and well-written so you can easily compel online users to take a second look at your content. It must also contain relevant keywords to make it search engine-friendly.

3.    It's imperative that you build some type of rapport with your readers. You don't want them falling a sleep by the 3rd paragraph. You need to give them a great reading experience so they'll like you and eventually trust you. I thingk the word here is TRUST. Once you've built trust and have interesting content your reader will be compelled to read more of your ebook(s).

4.    So many people forget to create a legal page in their ebook. If you take a look at one of my ebooks "Speak Spanish", you'll see an example of just how to apply this legal page and where to put it. This is the portion of your ebook where you can tell your clients if they can nor cannot resell or distribute your ebooks online. This can also act as your disclaimer where you can tell your readers the limitations of your content. Tell them how your content can help them out and what it cannot do. This will save you from complaints or possibly legal suits in the long run.

Hope this has helped and good luck!

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