Attaching an extension chain

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Redford Jewellery chain extension advice

How to attach an extension chain to your jewellery item

It is a simple process once you know how to connect an extension to another chain.

Staying calm and relaxed makes it easier when working with small chain links.

Work on a clear table or desk, preferably with a good size piece of coloured material spread out on the table, (e.g. a plain blue cotton tea towel) just in case you drop the link.

It would be easier to have a pair of smooth pointed pliers, or two pairs if possible, but dont hold the links very tight with them or they will mark or damage the link.

On the extension, find the end with the 'O' link that has a joint, it may just be visible as a fine line across the link. Look closely to find it, the break or joint-bit of the link.

Get the 'O' link joint to the top and twist one side of the ring while holding the other side still, DONT pull it apart, only twist it a little and very slowly, gently.

Open it up just enough to slip another link on. Keep hold of one side with one hand/ pliers . With your other hand, slip the end link of the chain / anklet / bracelet onto the open link. Twist the 'O' link back into line until it is up-tight and in line again.
That's it!
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