Auction Best Practice

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When bidding on an item its nice to see you are the only bidder for that item and the price is very low.  Think how good you would feel if nobody else stole your bid and you won for a fraction of the RRP  would that be fantastic. I have been bidding for a  braun electric toothbrush or a laptop or something and the max anyone wants to pay is 80 pounds which is only 30% of the RRP.  If you miss a chance to bid on an item its most likely in this case that their will be many more of these items on sale every day. so my advice is if you see something that has no bids and you need it bid and if someone has bid on it go to the next one so you make it a great opportunity for that person to get a great deal and hopefully someone will do the same for you. 
an auction is for unique one of a kind objects or art and craft a toothbrush is a toothbrush and they want us to pay crazy money.   imagine a laptop for 20pounds no someone has to steal it and raise the price sure if you want to buy at sale prices go to bargain town its a waste if you ruin it for everyone leave the small bids if your item is gone wait until the next day i guarantee it will b there soon with 0 bids 

compare how many bids in each item which one would you prefer to win?
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