Auctiva makes editing your saved listings easy

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So you've got your items written up in Auctiva listings but now you've changed your mind about a few things, perhaps you'd like to alter the shipping profile? the Paypal email address? the duration or sale type? you can do all of these tasks and more before you list them again.

This guide is a follow-on from my 'Getting Started with Auctiva' guide, I'm assuming that you've got a bunch of listings already written up and saved so it's well worth looking at the editing tools that are available, they make altering a minor detail in your listings a very quick and simple task.

The first tool to look at is the Bulk Edit button, go to the Saved Listings page. Tick the boxes of the listings you would like to change and then click the Bulk Edit button in the bar above the list of listings. The things that you can change with this button are title, start price, BIN price, reserve, quantity & duration. You can alter all of these aspects of your listing in no time with just one change of page - imagine how long it would take to alter the title on 20 listings one after the other? I reckon that it could take up 2 minutes for each listing (on my PC it is!) so that's 40 minutes wasted.

There is another editing option with even more useful changes. Tick the boxes on the listings again and click Find and Replace, there are so many things you can alter here such as changing the listing from one sale type to another, ebay store category (1st & 2nd) title, subtitle, seller details, shipping profile, Paypal email address etc...

With the time that you've saved on labourious edtiting you can read the interesting articles and 'how-to's' on using ebay and Auctiva, these are found with the Education tab.

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