Audi Remote Keyfobs

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Recently I bought a car that didn't have a spare Keyfob, so I thought I would buy a couple on Ebay.....

This was great as I got 3 in total with programming instructions and I was really happy, then when it came to programming the remote to the car.......nothing happened........and it didn't work.......

I searched the web and found addtional instructions....worth a try I I did.......then the unthinkable happened.....I wiped the only master key that remotely opened the car and now the key wouldn't work on the central locking etc, but it still turned the engine over so all was not lost.

Don't worry, you may think that your local Audi Dealer will charge a fortune? Well not Really!!!

I had my keys cut a Timpsons any good key cutter will do a really good job, when it comes to programming the Key, it seems you can't do it yourself on some Audi may think you have wasted a whole load of money but really don't worry.

Call your local Audi Dealer, ask them for a price for the Keycoding...explaining that you bought the car and the person you bought it off gave you some spare keys that don't seem to work with the car......they should give you a price over the phone all you need to do is tell them your Registration Number of the Car.....

I Paid £45 to have 3 Keys Coded.......yes that's right £45 for 3 Keys Coded.....Admittedly it took 2 hours, but you get a nice cup of coffeee and a biscut.....

I hope this helps most of you who have bought a key and are unable to code it to the car....put it this way if you paid nearly 20 - 30 quid for the key then £45 won't hurt you to get it coded and you will then have a spare, don't do what I did and try to cut corners by doing it yourself as it may not let you start the car if you do.

I wish you all the very best and I hope this has helped all you Audi Drivers out there as information cost nothing but mistatkes cost everthing and probably more on top too!

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