Audi clocks/clusters secondhand

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If your thinking about buying a secondhand cluster clock set for your Audi, please note that due the the way the Cluster/clock set are programmed to your Immobliser in your car it not just as simple as swapping them over and it more than likely that you wont be able to use the secondhand item at all

If you are not sure please phone you local Audi dealer but I am pretty sure they will tell you that you cannot re-code secondhand cluster's

There are some places in the UK that can do it but unless there on your doorstep and you can take the car then I would avoid buying a secondhand item

There are some compaines in the UK that will fix your exsisting cluster for less than £100 and yoh dont have to worry about the re-coding, just a motter of having to not use the car for a few days and its all done by postage.



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