Authentic Gucci Wallet Guide

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Erm...I kinda got annoyed with the ambiguality of items sold on I went to Selfridges today to buy a definitely Authentic Gucci Wallet. I thought, since I'm gonna fork out 125pounds for a real one anyway, might as well help some people too, so I took pictures from the process of opening the package, etc. would have come in a Gucci bag if you bought it as their own store, but this one was from Selfridges, so it as a Selfridges bag. 

However, the Gucci bag inside comes like this...

With the Gucci "netted" monogram printed on the inside

Unwrap the golden-brown wrapping paper and you would see then box...which is also golden brown in colour, with GUCCI written in gold capital letters, NOT SILVER and slightly elevated, so you would be able to feel it if you run your finger across the letters. This is also the same with the writing on the outter paper bag. would be good to note that the box DOES NOT have a barcode


These pictures show all 4 sides of the box...there is no barcode.

Inside the lid is printed with the double G the outer bag.

Now to the wallet itself.

The GUCCI sign is embrossed (sunken) in capital letters...with "made in italy" underneath all in lower case. Above the GUCCI sign is the circled R for registered trademark.

Now for the detail of the double G frabric, here's a comparison between a real wallet and a fake. The real one is on the left, the fake on the right.


If you look carefully where the hook of the G is (where it makes it a G, not a C), on the real one the hook is actually attached to the curved C shape...making it a triangle, whereas on the fake it is just a regular G with a straight line for the hook.

The wallet DOES NOT come with a dust bag, and comes with ONLY 2 is a small white 4-fold booklet containing care instructions in Italian, English, French, Japanese and Chinese. Another is the small retangular controllato card, with numbers 1-0 on it. There is NO hard brown plastic guarantee card...that was done to copy the Prada authenticity cards apparently, and GUCCI doesn't have them.


I cannot comment on the care card, as I've never seen a fake one of it before. However, the controllato card I have an example...the top one is real, the bottom one is fake.

Firstly, the GUCCI font is hooks  anywhere, whereas the the fake one is in the wrong font. Secondly the grey part of the real one is smaller than the part where the controllato numbers are printed on. Thirdly, the size of the controllato is smaller than the numbers, not the same.

Also the grey background colour are of different shade. The real one is a shade darker, somewhat shown in the picture below, the top on is real, and the bottom is fake.

Hopefully this had helped cleared some worries that some, like me, may have had.

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