Autographs On eBay - Ask Yourself These Questions First

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6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy An Autograph On eBay

  • Does the user keep any of their details private? - The majority of users that keep their details private have something to hide.
  • What else has the user sold recently? - Very large quantities of autographs advertised or plenty of A List celebrities should start ringing alarm bells.
  • Is there a high percentage of positive feedback and how many positive feedbacks does the user have? - Although not always a perfect guide, this does at least tell you if there have been any problems.
  • Why is this user selling major stars autographs so cheaply? - Anyone that obtains autographs 'in person' will tell you how very hard it is to obtain just one and you wouldn't sell it for pennies.
  • What guarantee comes with the COA? - The reputation of the dealer is far more important than a computer generated COA and any dealer of good standing would guarantee the autograph for life, not just a month or two.
  • How long has the user been a member of eBay? - Everyone's got to start somewhere, but good history is always a little reassuring.

Finally, it's always important to check which type of pen the autograph has been signed with as often the timelines do not match. For example, the ball point pen was commonly used from the 1950's, the felt tip from the 1960's, the sharpie (type of permanent marker) from the 1970's and the gold or silver sharpie from the 1980's. In other words, if you see a Stan Laurel autograph signed with a gold sharpie pen, you'll know it's a fake as he died in 1965.......many years before gold sharpie pens were used.

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