Automobile-used stereo technology in Europe Guide

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Automobile-used stereo technology in Europe 


It is the individual character , it is the natural instincts even more

Through proving , as regards environment in the car , it is very difficult to design a set of stereo system. Because its is small, the form is irregular, there are a lot of different supplies - -Glass , metal , leather , plastics and fabric ,etc.. Every kind of supplies is challenges in acoustics as to designer. And, the space is not designed for audio frequency on the idea - -Because other key elements of the automobile have priority , cause the high-quality stereo to use the limited space.
If a place is very easy for a person to offer the music of the balance in the car, and this is exactly the general sound appliances in the car realize. Sound that the sound that they control the balance makes a lucky audience hear the balance , but only this one.
A series of questions have hindered these systems from giving balanced and unanimous sound of radiation of other positions. If the automobile space is small, and the form is unstandard, it is the arranging of the seat that a problem even more. Everybody sit in different point going to, deviate from centre axle totally, * nearly some loudspeaker far away from another side, especially often an ear and * near windowpane surface that totally reflect. It has produced the greatest challenge which balance unanimous music result that these questions have interweaved and become the sound appliances in the car together.

The radiation type loudspeaker is main tools that engineers used that multi-channeled Hi-Fi requires and interlocks . With to is it weaken far to become distance, the ingenious nearest audience of bias of design of the sound source engineer of us because of size, sound pressure of grade, and point to the person sitting in another side of the car directly. Through this way, everybody can hear the sound of the balance .
Choose the correct loudspeaker, and install in the correct position, it is the key to providing music with unanimous balance for everybody. For reach these, we design loudspeaker of the same material , the same power system so as to ensure sit in any people of seat can hear balance unanimous voicing. And, on the basis of our studying in acoustics and psychological acoustics (the science of people's esthesia of the voice ), we have innovated a lot of complicated test systems, computer module and EQ technology come to combine the different kinds of sound source. Then, the last adjustment and revision are by the most sensitive " instrument " - -It is finished that the ears of people come.

In a word, the behavior of Music Everywhere loudspeaker system is: The music of the overall balance , the lifelike sound reduces with the sense of balanced and unanimous quantity of everybody in the car.

Main technological gene analysis
XBASS Expand Bass Technology

Because train the space is not designed for audio frequency at the idea , reducing needing bigger space of ultralow frequency, it is unlikely to be the ultra bass system which use the large volume that the limitation of the environment causes too in the car. It is to pass the control on Thiele/small parameter and optimization design of case body FB value through the scientific analysis of the psychology of sense of hearing that XBASS ultralow frequency expands technology, make the reducing of low frequency totally reach the result like the music hall or the theater. Bass BASS is powerful and strong, rubadub dynamics is proper, it is extremely deep to leave and sneak, full in physique Ganfeng.

EST Expand Sound-field technology
As everyone knows, loudspeaker system, especially high pitch unit, there is directional the very strong one, the nearer the distance is, the narrower the right radiation range that listens to is, that is to say, the reappearing in the area small of acoustic field. In order to overcome such difficulty, engineers and technicians and sound men carry on omni-directional innovation to the structure and disposition of the loudspeaker system, the establishment of the interlocking type radiation structure makes the extension of the whole acoustic field reach a brand-new condition.
The intact sound field reappears, is exactly one of the abundant terms that the perfect music reduces too.
PSC Point Source Component system Design
Come to talk in the acoustics principle, sound size of system than when being enough heavy , can regard one some sound source as as external environment condition size acoustics system, it has 180 degrees to radiating the angle of 360 degrees, the sense has extremely important relation to reappear to the stages of large-scale symphony ,etc.. The size of the environment and general battery operated loudspeaker system, can not obviously reach such a request in the car.
In order to reach the scale sense of orchestra and three-dimensional effect on the stage , the research center of CANDO, accord with the latest Micro IC technology , and the auxiliary technology of computer, in a situation that guarantee sound pressure grade and systematic tone quality and sound and does not change , will accomplish miniaturization systematically, and test the systematic acoustics centre perfectly, accomplish " some sound source " of the real one.
Some designs of sound source radiation system, is one of the designs of Music Everywhere idea .

PDC Personal Direct Control Technology

The installation of the automobile-used system is to designer of the sound appliances in the car, it is a great challenge too. Because the installation of the automobile-used stereo , just as the pendulum location in the Hi-End stereo , reappearing trully to the sound is particularly important. And environment of car can only make person who listen to * nearly loudspeaker system, distance from loudspeaker system common to less than 1 meter ears have, have higher seats that are separated between the seat and seat. The seat position and interval of different style are not the same. Stereo if system can combine, whole system self-evident from true distance that reduce. The technical staff of CANDO carries on the radiation angle of the high pitch of the most frequently used coaxial loudspeaker of automobile-used loudspeaker system adjustably through the debugging countlessly. Thus enable system to follow various kinds of style , different persons carry on individual character adjustment, thus the one that guaranteed to the sound was reduced trully.

CALFLAR Coating Technology

The violent change with change of the climate of the environment that the automobile spend, nearly automobiles of position of the equator are tanned by the sun in the outdoor high temperature, especially the car window is all closed tightly, may cause the temperature in the car to rise to more than 100 degrees Centigrade . In the high latitude area, outdoor temperature drops to- 40 degrees Centigrade is customary . The automobile-used loudspeaker system demands to operate normally too in such cases, and durable in use.
Material science expert of CANDO, as to various kinds of binder and of different material ,etc. research and test , make the audio-visual system of stereo set, can be competent at various kinds of environments. Pass the test of growing, for instance: Temperature testing , salt fog testing , humidity testing , corrosivity test ,etc.. Material of CANDO study expert accelerate degradation " accelerated life testing " and then , thus guarantee the audio-visual life-span of different spare parts of system. Kevlar's surface coating technology has been already guaranteeing that the sense of listening to of the unit of the loudspeaker is outstanding , under the situation of the curve with level and smooth transition, it is apt to wear out to prevent the paper basin or roll over the ring(change fragile , powder , damage etc.).

SFC Super Ferrifluid Cooling

Magnetism liquid one implicit to four oxidize to suspend the liquid three iron, because it adds it in the magnetism crack , is enclosed the heat produced of the sound to transmit to and leads the magnetism post and leads the way on the magnetism board by the magnetism liquid directly, his heat conduction rate is the 8 to 10 times of the air, it is possible for the ones that can reduce the sound and enclose greatly to burn out, so claim that the magnetism liquid is cooled. Adopt the superstrong magnetism liquid of U.S.A. Ferrimagnet Company, not only protect the sound to enclose but also can increase and drive the systematic intensity of magnetic field , make the transient state of the unit take place more excellent.

LSD Long Stroke Design

As everyone knows , sneak the foot only under the low frequency replayed of the heavy-calibre unit , respond the ideal dynamically. In order to enable the small-bore loudspeaker system to follow and amplify the dynamic music signal again, choose and develop linear displacement than the unit of big ordinary 2-4mm, at the same time because of adopting bigger Xmax, reduced distorted degree that high sound pressure replayed too at the same time . In fact, even the loudspeaker has the higher power of bearing, does not mean either that it exports more than high low distorted linear sound pressure, the reason is very simple: Xmax is too small. The design based on acoustics environment in the car of products of CANDO, all adopt the long stroke to be designed, it has degree that bass reduces the elasticity, listen to the sense to hold loose, the transient state is good in response.

RMN Rare-earth material Neodymium
The routine ferrite volume and weight of magnetic steel are large, and the form magnetism is low in intensity. And latest neodymium iron boron magnetic steel add rare element neodymium , boron ,etc. that element founding but become to have high to rectify stupid magnetic steel of strength among pure iron, rectifying stupid strength high, difficult magnetization or demagnetizing is small, characteristic high in intensity of magnetic field; Suitable for the installation and use of the sound appliances in the more car.

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