Avoid Getting Conned please read it might help

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Unfortunately there are criminals and they ruin the e bay experience for many innocent buyers and sellers. I hope these tips will stop some of you from getting conned on the internet. I have used some examples that I have experienced this and lost money.


A mistake I made and it cost me £297.99, don't buy from sellers with a low feedback rating or with a lot of negative comments. I bought tops from  someone with 500 comments, 5 being negative. It proved costly. You can usually trust shops, people with high feedback and when the seller is signed up with square trade.


When paying with PayPal you have some fall back if things go wrong. There are fraud protection policies, etc. However if you pay with other methods you may not be covered. If you don't have PayPal I would advise it. If you pay by other methods send it recorded delivery or special delivery. NEVER SEND CASH! Don't use any money transfer systems, it is the easiest way for fraudsters to get your details.

e.g. If you ring up and pay with a credit card how do you know the person on the other end isn't going to use your details. This is what i did phoned a well known shop that was respected they took my details told me i would have the goods within a week this was on the 2 nd of june then told me they would refund my money, not true they never refunded. I stopped my credit card and have now gone with the bank to dispute this and get my money back and also contacted the police as seller was making threats to me. I know at least 3 other buyers who bulk bought like me who wont be getting there money back. Please only pay with paypal you have protection from scammers and people just out for money. Anyone who hides there feedback you should consider why are they hiding it. Might have 100 percent feedback but you can buy e books for 1p to £1.00 so they could have bought the feedback.

Always protect yourself and ask the seller questions remember it is your money.

Hope this helps please rate below regards.

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