Avoid Getting Scammed On CDs, DVDs, and Video Games

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Want to make sure you get what you buy on ebay?

Avoid buying products that are 1p, when they are blatantly not worth 1000% of that.

Find the product you want, and before you bid, check the sellers reputation figure. If its less than 90% Don't bother, you can be sure that the item is for sale with another seller.

Before bidding, check how they will deliver it, for example, first class post. You will then know how long it will be until your item is delivered.

When you've won your bid, make sure you pay, the quicker you pay, the quicker you get your item.
Wait for the length of time that you were told your item would be.

E.g. If you paid by cheque, figure out how long it will be until it will arrive to the seller, then add the time it takes the item to get there. If it's pay pal, just use the time you were given from the time you paid.

Give the seller 5 days grace, random reasons might have caused a delay.

If you don't receive your item, contact the seller. They will be able to tell you the progress on your item.
If it has been a long time since you paid, and you contacted the seller. Its maybe time to involve ebay?

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