Avoid Keith Printers

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Just to warn others of my experience that i had with Keith Printers, who advertise on ebay.  It first started when i contacted Keith Printers to buy a refurbished HP1220c Printer.  I explained to them that it was very urgent and was needed the next day.  They said it was'nt a problem and charged me an extra £5.00 above the quoted £111.00 for next day delivery.  Because i did not have enough money in my paypal account to pay them immediatly,  i transferred the money directly from my bank account into their bank account and then contacted them to check the monies had gone through and they said it had.  At 5pm the following day, when the printer had not arrived i contacted them, and they said not to worry the printer would be there.  It did not arrive. As it had not arrived by the following Tuesday, i phoned Keith Printers up and cancelled the order and told them i wanted my money back.  They did not give me any explanation as to why the printer had not arrived and said they would pay the money back into my bank acccount that day.  When i checked my account the following day the money was not in there and then i had TWO WEEKS of lies (they informed me that the money had been paid into my account) , excuses , abuse and rudeness  from the manager, when i telephoned them every day, asking where my money was.   After constant phoning,  and trying to obtain proof from the company, that they had paid the money back into my account, i eventually did get the money back.  Avoid this company at all costs, because you will have nothing but hassle.


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