Avoid being scammed, or How to Scam!!

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buyers and sellers, works both ways.

Too many people DON'T understand eBay..
here's a few things to take notice of.
learn what the items  are, 'USED' or 'PARTS NOT WORKING'
USED, means to ebay an item that is as good as new but not new but still fully working and fit for purpose..
so putting in your description 'no returns' or 'no guarantee's'  means nothing to ebay, a scammer can buy your item, steal parts, damage it, swap it for a faulty one and they CAN request to return it, you sold it as USED remember..
scammers know this and will buy items solely to remove parts or swap damaged pieces over knowing they can return it.
DON'T ignore the return process, ebay can step in and issue a returns label that is tracked, once returned ebay know and if you refuse to pay out ebay will..at your loss.
Same if a person says the item is faulty or damaged or not as described if you don't make contact and ebay have to step in ebay can (and have) issued a FULL REFUND before the item is even returned, and even after that the buyer DOES NOT HAVE TOP RETURN IT..  you can request a return for your item, but it is only a request and NOT AN ORDER.. so win win for the buyer..
so if it's 'no guarantee's' or 'no returns due to parts swappers' etc then sell is as 'faulty not working,' that way if it is faulty or not working, there is no return, simple..


ALWAYS send your item recorded signed for.. if you use the bulltish 'i accept no responsibility for loss or damage' or  'i have a receipt for proof of postage in case of a loss'
it means NOTHING,! if you post ANY ITEM without it being signed for ebay pay out instantly for lost or failed to arrive items, even if the buyer is lying, simply because you can't prove they haven't received it..
if it's tracked, recorded, signed for then ebay request the details and ebay will check, if there is no signature then they will pay out BUT if it's been signed for even if the buyer hasn't received it, they won't pay out (it's been delivered in their eyes)
so having a receipt or proof it's been posted doesn't mean it's been delivered..
no tracking number means instant payout to the buyer (and possibly a free item)
NOW, you saying you have a receipt in case of loss or damage and you'll pass it on to the buyer ???
nope YOU have the contract with the postal service/courier, not the buyer,
so again lost item, or damaged item, YOU have to put in for a claim..!!
and BEWARE if you charge say £10 postage and the actual cost is £4.50 (in the case of a loss) the courier/royal mail will give you back the final sale price of the item and the ACTUAL cost of the postage, so you will be down on your 10% ebay fee's and 4.5% paypal fee's.. plus that profit you made for fuel, tape, paper and ink..
this is all of course if you have a receipt for proof of postage, no receipt, no claim even with royal mail and couriers..

so unless you want to be scammed, use your head, post an item how you'd expect to receive it, especially if it's an item you could be scammed on, 
if you offer no returns or guarantee sell as parts not working, 

same can be said for the scammers, you want free items, go for items that are not tracked/signed for, the buyer hasn't a leg to stand on..(free item and a full refund)
you need some parts to repair an item, but don't want to buy them, buy a working replacement as long as it's sold as USED, swap the faulty parts and return it as not working, you'll get free parts and a refund..(seller might even let you keep the item)
and the seller has to pay return postage if it was sold as used as it was wrongly described :) ha ha..  do the same scam with shops, chinese sellers will issue a full refund to change negative feedback to positive, and most of the time their items are posted as a 'gift', or 'toy' so they can't put a claim in, they'd sooner issue a refund or a replacement item to save hassle and bad feedback.. so with the chinese you can screw them over all day, it might be a £2.99 item or a £100 item you can always scam the chinese..

so everyone, learn from this guide, ebay is FULL of scammers, be them sellers or buyers..  i have stopped selling due to fee's, scammers, and shill bidders and only buy..
it's not worth losing money over..

you want to sell something without problems, use facebook pages..
and good luck..

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