Avoid meanghost user!

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Never thought I would be writing this but here it goes.
I am a designer, a fetish model, I did several Bdsm films as a Domina actress and I am a woman.

So I get harassed by a user, meanghost calling me a mom's boy living with my mother.
Not a man with a d*** as he said. Insulting and offensive. And surely I don't pay for sex.
I don't search for sex dolls and get offended when I find them!!!
It's easy to be a bully behind a computer, but you never know who is in this side. So things can have a cool answer! I like payback and to serve it cold.
Threatening me to report all my auctions, putting in jeopardy my son's support, my house rent and food on my table!  Who gives him that right???
To stalk people? Is he the ebay police?

Why does ebay allows this kind of messages?

He came to me, not me to him. Frustrated people, saddening the world!
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