Avoiding Bad Sellers Read and Be Warned

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I was looking for a metal detector that was a reasonable price with  reasonable performance. Having searched on ebay I found a detector sold by the James Company that declared that it was a proffesional model The XJ9 Pro to be exact. The price seemed great  at £75.00 + £12.50 delivery and the web site that I was forwarded to extolled the virtues of this machine. It even purported to give a free ugrade to the machine "wonderful". Well I paid by PayPal assured that everything would be ok if it was a dud.

Delivery of the machine failed to appear and it transpired that the courier had a problem finding my address :-) well it's only been here for sixty years so hay ho :-). Eventually I had to collect the machine from the couriers office less than a mile from my home so all seemed well. By that time I was just glad to have recieved the machine in one piece. So as a good ebayer I left the Seller good feed back even though their handling of the delivery was poor to say the least. The advert almost was threatening if I didn't leave a number for the courier to contact me to deliver which I did and they didn't call.

Needless to say this Power Seller didn't even have the courtesy to return the feedback. After that things got worse! I joined a local detectorists club to use my new machine and went out on several filed trips. Everybody was finding coins etc and all I could come up with was rusty old iron.. At first I put it down to me being new and the photocopied instructions that i was given being in a chinese version of english that I had never come across before... Oh that isn't true I remember the cheap plastic toys I used to get as a kid that were labelled Hong Kong. I even emailed the company from their website to ask if I had recieved a conterfiet model of the machine as it differed so much from it's description. I hope you now are getting my slant on the story.

It was then that I asked a few of the experienced members of my club to test my machine. It failed on all accounts instead of being a proffessional machine as stated, it had difficulty picking up any target apart from iron that was on the surface. It reguralarly went totally uncontrollable for no aparrent reason even when there was not anything metal in proximity giving the detectorist a cocophany of noise that was incomprehensible. It could not even find a one pence piece placed deliberately less than two inches below the search coil. The judgement by these experienced members of the FID a useless toy. I was allowed to borrow a very simple machine from another member and hey presto it works, I found four coins, a silver button and a piece of something brass all in one day. Lately I've discovered that I am not the only one who reckons that this machine is not all it seems and the seller is less than 100%.

I have contacted the seller and as yet no response apart from I'll tell my boss... I tried to open a claim with paypal and they won't let me open it because it's to late... well hell I tried to give the machine every chance even blaming myself..

So the Moral of the story..

Because it's cheap and has a good write up doesn't mean that it works and is good value.

Feedback doesn't make a good seller as most will not leave you feedback until they have recieved it themselves. ""Blacmail""

beware Paypal and eBay their complaints procedures are both clumsy and very waited to the Power Sellers and most often you find it too difficult or to lengthy to complain or get satisfaction... Do your research and if you can't get satisfaction leave a guide like this to warn other ebayers

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