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Avoiding mould and mildew

Mould and mildew don’t just make the tent look grubby and smell bad, in some cases it can make it unusable. Leaving a cotton tent damp for an extended period can lead to the fabric rotting away and it forming holes.

It's best to take down your tent when it is as dry as possible. That won’t always be possible – we have all had to take tents down in the pouring rain - but avoid it if you can. 

Shake off as much water as possible and wipe more off with a clean dry cloth or a towel but not one that has been washed in detergent because this can damage the tent's waterproof coating.

If it is the slightest bit damp or indeed really wet you need another plan. 

If you have room in the car, drape the tent over the other luggage in the boot or perhaps over an empty back seat. 

If you need to pack the tent away damp unpack it and start the drying process immediately when you arrive home. 

Don’t put the job off - leaving a damp tent in its bag for just a few days has probably finished off more tents than anything else. 

Hang the tent up to dry somewhere airy - outside if you can or inside if you have room. When you are sure the tent is bone dry, it will keep much better if you store it lightly folded in the airing cupboard, rather than tightly packed in its bag.
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