Avoiding scams on ebay

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With eBay listings on the rise, you really have to beware of fraud.  People who scam can put in false listings, and then after you have paid, leave you with nothing.  It is either that, or the person claims to have a rare item when it was made from plastic and then advertised as authentic.  What do you do?  Well, for one, you could quit buying on eBay, but that wouldn't do, because they offer great stuff and rare items you can't find anywhere else.  So here are some tips when buying from people.

Look at their Rating:
This is from people that have had previous experiences with this individual.  If the feedback is good, that means that people who have previously purchased products from that user have had a good experience.  If the feedback is negative, you know that the users who have purchased from the user before have had bad experiences, such as late shipped items, or items that were not shipped at all.

Research the Item:
Before you go making any bids, you can also look at the prices and bid rates of the item elsewhere.  You also want to know what the prices of the retail are.  If you find an expensive purse for example, for lets say $40 on eBay, but normally it goes for lets say $700, you might want to be cautious.  People are not always smart, but they are not insane, and in very rare cases are you going to find something of extremely high value for a very low price.  Again, if the user seems to have plenty of them, maybe you should wait until several auctions have come and gone from the user and then check their feedback.

Look at the Payment Methods:
Also remember to make sure you look at the payment methods.  If you email the person and they say cash only, you might want to think twice.  I am not certain cash is even allowed, so be cautious around people wanting cash.  Paypal is often preferred, and is generally safe, but as a precaution, you can get their address from them, then use a reverse trace on WhitePages.com to see if they check out okay.

As a last precaution, you can remember this rule.  If the person seems to want to hide their identity, you know something is amiss.  Always just make sure you have their contact info so in the event that you need to make a complaint or report them, you can.  eBay also has a program to help protect you.  You can file a claim with them if needed too try to get back your money, and also report a fraud if needed.  In any case, play it safe, report suspicious activity, and happy item hunting and buying.

Visit this page to get more information to protect yourself when buying or to file a claim:

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