Avoiding the partial refund scam

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Have you ever had an irate buyer who claims an item is not as described and is demanding a partial refund? Well, beware... This is probably a scam to get your item cheaper!
I have seen this scam escalate over the last few years. It always starts the same;
Occassionally the buyer will contact you while your listing is active and ask if you will reduce the cost of the item or the listing.
You politely decline but the item sells later to that buyer.
You send it, well packed and in good time and then a few days later the "item is not as decribed" email lands in your inbox.
The buyer will tell you how "disappointed they are", "it was a gift for a child", "it has ruined their birthday", "not happy" and then inform you of the issue. It could be that the package is opened, the item doesnt work, it looks as if it has been used and many other explanations for their anger.
You know that the item was prefect and was well packed and you politely explain this but ask the buyer to return it and you will refund the costs (including the return postage).
The buyer irately explains that they are busy, going on holiday, live too far away from the post office, dont want the hassle.... and then simply suggest that you partially refund the item..... This is when you need to stick to your guns!!
The buyer will go back and forth refusing to send it back and threatening negative feedback and all they want is a couple of quid back! It's YOU thats being unreasonable.....
Dont take this!
Send them a message outlining that you will refund on receipt of the damaged item and then...
Stop communicating with them!
If they are genuine buyer they will give in and send it back. If they are trying to scam you, then they will keep it and crawl back into the shadows. You may get a negative feedback but this is something you cannot control (see my other guides).
If you are a buisness seller you can put a disclaimer on your refund policy or you simply state it on the listing.

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