Axminster Evolution Series Compression Pen Mandrel

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My pen turning mandrel and why I like it

This is my first guide, so I would like to keep it simple and easy to read. I have used different pen mandrels but by far have found this one the best and he are the reasons why
  • It holds my blanks in place with compression for better accuracy 
  • Less vibration is a must as I have achieved a lot better cuts(especially with the skew)
  • Includes your hollow revolving centre
  • if you make lots of pens this is more efficient for the reasons as above , compression for more accuracy and less vibration, which gives me a better and more effect cut( again was great for people who struggle with skew)
  • The pen kit is extremely easy and quick to use and it does have a great selection of spacers and end to end guide bushes.
  • I have notice also the mandrel does not seem to bend when to much pressure is applied from the tail stock.
  • Excellent build. I would recommend this every time for an experience or beginner in pen turning.
  • Available in 1 morse taper or 2
I will be looking to write more in depths guides but as this is my first guide. I hope this has helped or gave you reason to look further into this mandrel. thank you for reading please feel free to send me questions and please follow my Instagram account handmadekrafts for project sharing and idea sharing.  
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