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There is a guide on here which appears to someones personal gripe about their retailer, i am here to set the record straight.

i have used bambino mio nappies on 2 children and i adore them, they are easy to use and fold (which if you do correctly results in a nappy every bit as good as a disposable) i have never had a nappy explode (as people tell me disposables can do!)

they dont even need to be washed a lot, the argument of people who say these aren't any better for the environment because you have to boil wash them using loads of energy etc. is complete rubbish.

if you use an antibacterial nappy soak solution in your nappy bucket all you need to do is put them through a rinse and spin, it takes five minutes and uses no hot water, the occasional wash at 60 is handy but not nescessery.

also if the nappies remain slightly stained, you can add bicarbonate of soda to the spin cycle, or just line dry your nappies on a sunny day, it makes them lovely and white again

People who say it is dirty or smelly to use this is also rubbish, i'd much rather have a sealed nappy bucket with antibacterial solution in than a bin full of poo! no matter how many lovely little plastic bags you wrap it up in!!!

hope anyone who is considering using re-usable nappies has a look at this brand, they are very good and not as expansive as some all in one types.( all you have to do is fold the nappy into thirds, it isn't hard) I do think trail packs are a good idea, to see what suits you, or online forums and reviews on sites like

mumsnet, etc.


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