BAN PROFIT ON POSTAGE! Overcharged Shipping On eBay?

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How To Avoid The Postage Scam With Thrifty Beatnik

BAN PROFIT ON POSTAGE! If you are sick of being overcharged on postage please take the time to vote yes on this guide and maybe we can make a change! The consistent improvements on eBay definitely make it a safer place to trade than even say a year ago. But there is still a vast amount to be done to ban the practise of overcharging on postage. Here at Thrifty Beatnik we believe eBay should introduce a strict policy regarding postage and packaging fees. Indeed many sellers charge an extortionately high postage fee in order to dodge eBay fees, which allow them to negate Final Value Fees for items sold. Where buyers lose the bargain price of 99p by paying upwards of £2.50 in postage for a t-shirt eBay should care about this as, from a business point of view, it cuts into their profits too.

Break It Down Now!

Smaller items such as T-Shirts are the perfect way for a scammer to take advantage of you. With the exception of Large & X-Large T-Shirts which one can have difficulty folding into a large letter the cost of sending a 101-250g t-shirt is just 60p or a heavier material t-shirt at 251-500g will be just 83p. To remain competitive at Thrifty Beatnik we use a flat rate of 99p on both which include the cost of our 90gsm heavy duty envelope which cost 39p.
Therefore what does it cost? An item that weights under 100 grams for a 2nd Class Standard delivery is at least 66 pence, adding the cost of a 90gsm envelope which costs not more than 34p from the Post Office, totalling 99p. If sellers need to post as 2nd Class Recorded delivery, it's an additional 70p from Royal Mail's latest price list, totalling up to £1.69p. If a seller charges £3 for basic 2nd class postage Where does that extra £2.01 come from? Is it that the sellers charge an energy-burned-whilst-walking-to-the-nearest-Post-Office fee? Or do they also charge an insurance against being-attacked-by-the-elderly-trying-to-draw-out-their-pensions-at-the-post-office fee? Even T-shirts which do not fit into the large letter will cost just £1.57 to send.

Help Ban Profit On Postage!

Many clothing sellers earn a nice little profit from buyers who do not check the postage costs and are slapped down by this ‘buyer tax’. At Thrifty Beatnik we feel bad for all eBayers who have been caught in this trap so we'll stick to our transparent postage costs thanks. Keep it Thrifty! We would rather lose money on postage and get you your auction at the price you paid than profit in postage. On eBay we only charge the highest postage and no more no matter how many you order. If you ever see a postage cost you think is too high message us and we'll sort it.

Thank You For Your Time
-The Thrifty Beatnik


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