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One of the first things you will need are cotton wool/balls to remove nail polish.  nail polish remover preferably from a pump dispenser. it is safer and more hygienic. You are less likely to get any spills.

A clean towel for each client and paper (couch roll will do nicely as it does not shred) or nail towels. These need to be thrown away after each client.

A nail brush to remove debris after filing. Nail files with different grits, grits refer to how course a particular type of file is. The lower the number the courser the file.  Each file has a different use and some dual uses.  be sure to get to grips with the different types of files and what they do and when you should use it.

Cuticle nippers to remove dead skin from the cuticle, do make sure it is only non-living tissue that is removed. A pusher to remove unwanted cuticle which has adhered itself to the nail plate. 

Nail tips. adhesive (they are not all created equal). Acrylic Liquid/Monomer to mix with the Acrylic Powder/Polymer. If you use the cheaper variety be aware they may turn yellow. 

A brush, now these vary in type and quality and you will have to purchase several to find what's best suited to you.  You will need at least three brushes. If one gets clogged up with acrylic, have another brush to hand. There is nothing so unprofessional that a client watching you fighting with the bristles so that you can continue a service. be sure to buy a good quality brush and clean it after each use.  Buy the best quality brush you can afford, generally speaking spending more will pay dividends in the long run for you and your clients. 

Dappen dish to hold your acrylic liquid/monomer.  if the dappen dish is light secure to the table with blue tac.

You may want to use a drill/electric file machine, this is personal choice.  there are several types to choose from and you will find just the right one for your clientele. Get one that can be used with foot pedal. Drill bits like files come in a variety of types.

Nail plate cleansers and primer. Sterilizing jars are essential as you need to be sure that all your instruments are clean for each and every client. The most effective way to guard against infection is to wash your hands and get your clients to do the same. 

Some nail techs perfer brush cleaner but I like to use acrylic liquid/monomer.  Your brush will last longer if you clean it after each use. You can expect a good nail brush to last you about 6months.

Nail polish and plenty of them is great. Give your clients lots of colours to  choose from.  Choose colours from different brands and different budget ranges. Your clients will enjoy the variety or get your own professional quality nail polish and brand it, market your salon and let it stand out from the rest.  What ever polishes you decide upon makesure they are of a professional quality.   Retail the colour you have used to your client or include it in the price of the service. When they are given more choices they are sure to return if only to change the colour.


There are many more items available to enhance your services and client comfort 


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