*** BE A SUCCESSFUL SELLER! - Dispatch Times ***

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Ive been selling items on ebay for quite a while now and so have ironed out most of the little 'niggles' that buyers like and dislike..... A major way that Ive found you can garantee a buyer will come back and add you to there favorites list is to dispatch EMEDIATELY! Sounds a bit harsh I know, but its actually a much better way to work....

1, You have listed your item - now it doesnt take a brain surgeon to tell you that 'chances are' your item will sell first time.

2, Package your item! - Do this STRAIGHT AWAY! Dont leave it till the last minute! Have it packed and stored safely. (It saves valuable time)

3, Know your Dates - Make sure you know when your listings will end and if you are listing 'buy it now' items then make sure you MONITOR and keep a check on your account.

4, Address - You item has sold and has been paid for by the buyer.... Check, check, check the address and get it written on. (Make sure its correct because you dont want it going missing)

5, Get it POSTED! - You have no excuse! if you post first class today then it will be there tomorrow! Just think how happy your buyer will be when the item he/she has been bidding frantically on arrives 12 hours or so after the auction has closed! Wow! think of all those lovely stars your gonna get!

So there you go, I hope this helps :)

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