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Soon the kids will be going back to school and some will be starting their first day and the main thing all of these kids will want is a lunchbag. I bet every parent out there has been told by their little boy that they want a Ben 10 one. I definately have been told. My son is mad on it and finding him anything to do with Ben 10 is very hard as there is alot of demand for it.

I have noticed that some ebayers have been buying up these items in bulk to rip us parents off, Don't pay the disgusting amount of money that they want on here for them (starting around £12.99 for the hand lunchbag and £14.99 for the shoulder lunchbag).

I have spent the last 2 weeks searching the shops for one and eventually i found them in Toys r Us and they have quite alot and are on sale for £9.99. They also have the omnimator, view finder, games etc available so check around before you buy these ridicolous amounts.

Don't Buy BEN 10 Stuff on EBAY U Are Likely To Be Ripped Off.

Another few things i have noticed is the clothing. U can buy these following items from woolworths, they are in stock or you can order them online:-

Ben 10 hoodies £11

Ben 10 T-shirt £8

Ben 10 lunchbag £9.99

Ben 10 undies(all sizes) 5 for £5

Ben 10 socks(pack of 2) £3.50

Ben 10 slippers £8

Ben 10 pyjamas £9

They are also selling ben 10 caps and other Ben 10 merchandise.

Oh another thing i have also spotted is that Argos are Selling the Ben 10 skateboard for £14.99. They also sell the duvet set for £17.99.

Thought i would share my findings with others as i don't like the idea of people being ripped off. I won't pay the stupid prices on ebay so why should you.

Hope you have found this helpful. 

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