BEST PHONE IN 2008-see inside!

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The best phone in 2008,or even evermade at the moment of writing (july 2008), is Samsung 900 i Omnia; i made a list with the most advance phones in this moment, including Iphone,Nokia N96, HTC Diamond, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1,Samsing 900i Omnia, Glofiish,etc in which i gave points for - nr of megapixeli,blitz,night mode,and special features (like face detection,optical zoom,dogital zoom,smile detection,autopanorama shot,etc) fom top phone,nr. 1 is Sony Ericsson 900 C,and Samsung 900 i Omnia,then nokia n96 -HTC diamond, Samsung 900 i Omnia are the best

3.interface- iphone, htc diamond win

4. operation system- htc diamond,samsung 900i omnia are above iphone,because are windows mobile

5.internal memory and external memory- samsung 900 i omnia is the best (8-16 GB memory +memory card),then iphone (8-16 GB memory but no menory card), HTC diamond has only 4GB memory, but no memory card

6. display,resolution and no. of colors- iphone is the best,with scratch proof display too-THE ONLY ONE!you will appreciate this feature after 1 year whne your display is full with scartches,but not iphone!,then HTC diamond, but Samsung 900 i omnia, is doing very very poor here;also iphone is the best in sunlight

7.battery-here samsung 900i omnia is the best,then htc diamond, the last place is iphone,with poor battery and non replaceable battery

8.connections-samsung 900i omnia is nr 1,then htc diamond (it is onlt triband), iphone is the last,no usefull bluetooth

9.special features(DivX,Xvid,etc support,keyboard landscape,optical mouse,TV out,possibility to view power points presentations directly with projectors,processor speed, RAM,mp3 as ringtone,accelerometer,etc)samsnug 900 i omina is no 1,after that htc diamond,then iphone

10.GPS-here samsung 900 i omnia and htc diamond are no. 1,they can use proffessional maps,then is iphone who uses google mas,but not very well detailed,no navigaton with maps,no voice,or arrows guidance;iphone uses the weakes gps possible,only assisted,dependig the presence of a cel mobile network,no turn by turn navigation

11.internet connection-iphone no 1,very easy to connect,very easy to browse,the interface of iphone being the best,the browser Safari being the best,the Mac system of operation being an advantage,because doesn't get viruses that easy comparing with Windows system devices;the internet connection via 3G is 7.2 Mb/s for all three,even AT&T has a policy in USA to allow 3G connection only with 1.4 Mb/s to prevent crashes

so if i had to make a sum,to give grades, 8.5.for samsung 900i omnia, 6. for htc diamond, and 4.for iphone

overall judging, no. 1 phone this year is Samsung 900 i Omnia;the most advances phone at the momentlcan be found on ebay with prices around 800-900$ 450-550 pounds;search for samsung i900 omnia

see my guide top 7 phones 2008 if you are looking for a top phone

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