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Me and a partner bought contract  mobiles from the 3 network ,her Sony Ericsson  k7/800 ,suffered a cracked screen  for the second time (they are  very fragile)  the 3  insurance wasn't worth a hoot to put it politely ,so we looked on the net and ordered a cheaper lgZTE f866  flip off the 3 website to use  for now , only to find when we receved it that the sim was securely  bonded /glued into it thereby making it useless as a replacement , and of course no mention of this 'trick' on the sales blurb, it is common for all network to lock mobiles to their network obviously , but within a network you are usually free to swap sim cards . They are 'getting it back 'but it will be over a Month after receipt that they reimburse us.

  So they tie you in to long contracts with stylish but delicate phones , won't cover theft or damage their only "help" is to offer you an early upgrade at £100+ .and whatever your dipute you have to pay the Annual balance or risk ccj on address etc  .

And the included insurance based in London rules stated that the only way they would pay out for theft was if you attended hospital after being seriously assaulted so no fractured skull or stabwound e.t.c. = no payout by insurance for theft either.    AN  UNHAPPY CUSTOMER !

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