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Counterfeiting in Britain seems to be on a "high" it is very difficult to measure accurately, but all the evidence suggests that this problem has been growing fast It has increased way beyond anything that you could have dreamt about years ago,Before we joined EEC and gave up many of our Commonwealth countries, the problem extends everywhere,wide range of items are being faked.
I was reading last year on internet and in newspapers about all fakes coming to Britain and to watch out for them. 
Counterfeit Lipton teabags made up 75% of the foodstuffs seized.
Adidas and Nike copies accounted for 27%
Sportswear. 45% 
Louis Vuitton ripoffs  18%  
Philip Morris counterfeits made up 47% of seized cigarettes.
Rolex and other well know watches  fakes accounted for 30% of watches 
Cigarettes are probably the counterfeit item that costs the British taxpayer the most: 2,000 customs officers are engaged in trying to catch tobacco smugglers and, increasingly, counterfeiters.

Have you notice a large increase of Military Badges just appearing on some lists selling same badges dozen at a time ,,anything that looks bright and shiny leave it alone.

Lucky that on Ebay you have no chance to find any of what I have mentioned, BUT! BEWARE THERE IS MANY FAKES ON EBAY.and if you spot any report the sellers. 

The favourite sold in Britain is  Benson & Hedges or Silk Cut or Marlboro, with ‘UK duty paid’ written on the packets, for £2.50 to £3, then they must be stolen or counterfeit, because the duty alone in this country is 90% cost. of a packet of 20 ,Its not really difficult to spot  fake cigarette packets. “I have seen Benson & Hedges packs with ‘duty free pack’ written on one side, and ‘UK duty paid’ on the other.and sellers are mainly by illegal immigrants in the streets of cities.sometime's they have the wrong colour of gold on the pack or bad spelling mistakes.Fake tobacco for rolling your cigarettes is another one to watch may say "Yes But I like a bargain"wont be any bargains if you die from anything they mix in with it to make it go further,

Then you have the cheap booze offered to you, im quite sure everyone who buys it wont go and have it tested to see if fit for drinking,some whiskies are made from pure alchohol, petrol,kerosene,Paint thinners, you name it if its clear they will use it.methylated spirits is a favourite used in fake wines. 

China and Pakistan are  First Favourites for the origin of many fake goods —  80% in 2007,China sells more Fake Sportswear in UK than anywhere else in world sadly even this kind of fakes are rife on Ebay,and then Pakistan is right behind them and now we also have Eastern European countries,,Cosmetics and Toys are favourites of China and Taiwan, 

Fake Perfumes is a favourite seller of all these countrys and they seem to be concentrating on the European market and in turn they export to Britain some dont even realise they are shipping fakes here, . Favourite brands such as Maybelline and L’Oreal Paris.

Glaxo Smith Kline, the famous pharmaceuticals Company, said the problem had increased “massively daily”, with much of the trade going through the United Arab Emirates port's where ships are able to start with new paperwork, hiding the origin of their  cargo.

“One man I was reading about  in China with a hand-crank can produce 5,000 tablets a day, thats 35,000 a week and many million a year that may kill or make you very ill, and with no cures as no one will know whats in them.

The main ways for counterfeit goods to reach British consumers are through open-air vendors and the internet.even on Ebay cheap medication can be sold. On the internet,and even on Ebay  unscrupulous vendors are using their own websites, spam e-mails and other auction sites to sell everything from fake Viagra to bogus car airbags.

 Ebay has strong anti-counterfeiting measures in place, including a “verified rights programme” in which its staff co-operate with brand owners to keep counterfeit products off the site, and 2,000 employees worldwide working on trust and safety issues.And they also need you also to do your part to help wipe out all the Chinese rubbish being sold on Ebay ,

I have even seen Diamonds and Emeralds etc being offered at knock down prices on Ebay,, can imajine what De Beers must think of all this going on and feel sorry for the amount of people who lose cash bidding on such large fake diamonds.

Personally I wouldnt buy anything on Ebay or online that came from any of countries mentioned, it seems to have cleaned up the bagpipes sales on ebay,,Im sure even you have had fingers burnt buying fake rubbish on Ebay and only you can help stop it by contacting Ebay,,so BEWARE!!!!


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