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Anyone who has a car would most probably cherish a good workshop and repair manual. The king of these are published by Haynes and are an excellent source of information for DIY mechanics and professionals alike.

However, they don't publish manuals for every car on the market - so when we see listings for CD ROM items promising unparalleled levels of detail for your car, be warned - they are not what they seem.

These discs are copies of manufacturer software that either use an external server to process information and updates or use specific licences to operate effectivley. I have tried two of these now (you think I would have learnt!) and they just don't work! Computer savvy people may know how to get these to run but I can't and I am not that bad on the old interweb etc.

You need a patch for this, a licence for that, a hack for the other. Apart from being a proverbial pain in the neck they are quite clearly pirated copies of software that should not be in the public domain.

So do yourself a favour - get a good relationship with your local garage who will take care of you if you cannot get a Haynes manual for your car. At least you know the work will be done right and you wont have to spend hours trying to flog a dead horse!

Happy motoring!



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