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I've been using Hylexin now for 2 years and it's a fantastic product, retailing at around £95 in department stores such as Harrods you'd be forgiven for wanting to get a cheaper deal on Ebay. However having purchased 2 batches of Hylexin on Ebay within the past year, it has come to my attention that some of the batches on Ebay are not authentic. I'd just like buyers to be very cautious when purchasing this product on Ebay. Here are some examples....There are currently "Buy it now" auctions of Hylexin being listed for £24.99 - this is a big giveaway. Particularly sellers who seem to have large quantities of this product for sale. I have purchased one of these batches, i have also purchased a batch from Harrods.

For those of you that have not used Hylexin before. You should experience a moderate feeling of warmth under the eye area after application. And the texture of the product is smooth and is easily absorbed. Fake hylexin does not give you this "warm feeling" and the texture is chalky.

Fake Hylexin will make your under eyes appear brighter, but it is only a temporary fix and this will disappear after cleansing. You would find this temporary fix in many lower priced high street eye creams such as Avon and please do not be conned into paying £25-£70 for fake Hylexin.

Also if you are thinking of purchasing Hylexin on Ebay check if the buyer has sold many before. Also BEWARE of buyers that are holding  private listings of Hylexin. This is usually so you can not "cotton on" to the fact that the seller has large (usually fake) batches of the stuff.

Of couse there are still a few genuine sellers on Ebay, but please just take this guide on board before buying. If a seller offers you a too good to be true price for an eye cream that usually retails for £95...then it probably is too good to be true. I've learnt the hard way, don't be fooled!  

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